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Ceramic machines – downswing in turnover for Italian manufacturers

According to estimates presented by Acimac, a drop in turnover of 3-5% has been recorded in this sector. Sacmi, on the other hand, shows results which go against the trend.

2003 ends with a downturn for Italian manufacturers of ceramic machines. Provisional balance estimates provided by Acimac (Association of Ceramic Machine Manufacturers) today indicate a decrease in turnover within the sector of 3-5% from the 1452 million euro figure recorded for 2002 to 1380 million euro. This, however, represents a smaller loss than the expected a few months ago, which indicated a probable decrease of about 8-10%. “Things have gone better than expected” – announced Franco Stefani, President of the association who, commenting on this negative trend (2003 is the third year in a row that has shown a decline in the industry), confirmed that most significant of all is the drop in demand for ceramic systems on the European market. The loss recorded in Europe was, however, partially offset by improved sales in the Middle East (above all in Iran), Eastern Europe and Asia, including China. On the basis of the positive signals coming from these areas, Stefani forecasts a probable reversal of trends in the industry which should become clear during the first half of 2004. The downwards trend recorded in the industry (considering 173 companies in Italy) is an average calculated on the results of the individual manufacturers belonging to Acimac. The Sacmi Group is the exception, since in 2003 registered a further increase in its turnover.

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