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Continuous mills

Sacmi presents two new models: MTC088 AND MTC101

Once again SACMI has renewed and expanded its range of belt-driven continuous mills, this time in a size class where crown and pinion sets have traditionally been used to drive the cylinder. The main technical characteristics are as follows: Internal volume = 88 m³ (MTC088) and 100 m³ (MTC101). The cylinder is made of thick, special steel sheeting while the bolted ends are made of high-strength spheroidal cast iron. Continuous infeed/outfeed ports are built into the support hubs. The cylinder itself also features special hatches, easily removable from the outside, for inspection and maintenance purposes. The thick steel/sheet metal bases are firmly anchored to the concrete foundations, while the spheroidal cast iron supports feature heavy duty bearings of the double roller type, lubricated via automatic re-circulation/filtration systems. The drive system consists of two units, each equipped with a 315 kW AC motor; the fixed-speed version also features an auxiliary 22kW motor reducer. A variable-speed version is also available, thus allowing users to adapt grinding speeds to a wide range of production situations: on the latter version the two 315 kW motors are controlled via a frequency converter. Transmission consists of an angular reducer which supports the drive pulley. A simple “book-type” mechanism makes adjustment of belt tension easy, while the PLC panel allows the user to control all the mill functions: the PLC can also be connected to a PC. Much of the design effort focussed on making installation and machine management as user-friendly as possible; the use of automatic lubrication systems and improved screening of mechanics against the infiltration of dirty water from external surroundings heightens reliability and smoothes maintenance. Like other SACMI-built continuous mills, the MTC088 and MTC101 have a classifying configuration that allows natural sub-division of the grinding media inside the cylinder, thus optimising grinding efficiency. The mills may be of the single or twin-chamber type and feature automatic grinding media infeed/top-up. The single chamber version of the MTC101 is designed for use with silica media; the twin-chamber version uses silica in the first chamber and alumina in the second. The MTC088, instead, is perfectly sized for use with a wholly alumina load. Continuous mills that use media of high specific weight - such as alumina - are more productive than those that use traditional silica media. Once again SACMI has responded to the needs of its ever-more sophisticated customers by supplying them with machines capable of providing high specific output and high-quality, finely ground slips.

Technology News

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