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Fincibec invests in Sacmi-developed “Eko” solutions

A new Sacmi Forni EkoKiln and a NuovaFima brand EkoRoll packaging machine have been installed at the Century plant in Roteglia (Re, Italy).

Sassuolo-based Fincibec, a major player on national and international porcelain glazed tile and floor/wall tile markets for over half a century, has gone for Sacmi’s “Eko” solutions as part of a major investment in the Century plant in Roteglia (Re, Italy). Eco-sustainability in terms of material and energy savings plus outstanding reliability and superlative finished product quality: these, then, are the key features of a Sacmi-developed solution that instantly attracted the attention of Fincibec, which has a long-standing tradition of innovation and implementing the best technology the market has to offer.

The first step is the start-up, at Century (a Group brand specialising in the production of tiles of very high aesthetic-technological content), of a new EkoKiln (1) designed by Sacmi Forni. This 2950 mm model, built at the Salvaterra (Re) plant, is, on one hand, characterised by design features that reduce gas consumption and fume volumes, and, on the other, by a cutting-edge system that optimises fume-product heat exchange thanks to a series of thermal cells featuring cross-flows that allow energy exchange between the fumes themselves and the material. As with all the solutions on the Eko line, this kiln has been designed to allow not just considerable savings in terms of running costs, but also – thanks to algorithms that allow optimal firing curve control – to ensure improved finished product quality, even where products are complex and of high unit value (e.g. very large tiles).

This is an ambitious investment for Fincibec, just as we’d expect from a pioneer and leader in “ecology care”. In addition to the new EkoKiln, the company has also ordered, again from Sacmi, a new EkoRoll (2) packaging line produced by Nuova Fima, the Sacmi Group company that specialises in the design and manufacture of machines and complete plants for handling, storage and quality control. A second EkoRoll has also been commissioned for the Sassuolo plant. The EkoRoll solution is advantageous as it allows manufacturers to reduce the amount of cardboard they use, depending on tile size, by up to and even beyond 65% while ensuring improved protection on corners, the most delicate part of the tile where shielding needs to be maximised, especially on high added-value, very large products. The result? An outstanding rationalisation of cardboard stocks – which consist of simple, neutral rolls no longer tied to size or brand – that enhances process efficiency while considerably lowering running costs, thus boosting competitiveness. A “just in time” approach, then, that overcomes the limits posed by traditional packaging technology to offer a new packaging concept that combines the “minimal packaging” notion with the need for more efficient product management, especially with very large tiles.
By renewing its trust in Sacmi – which will be presenting its “Eko” solutions at the coming international Tecnargilla fair in Rimini – Fincibec has, through what is a major investment in a key brand, ensured the consolidation and growth of its market shares on the high-end tile market.


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