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Gaiotto robots: the height of technology

A tried and trusted robot: reliable, efficient, precise

Gaiotto Automation, the international robotized solutions specialist, is proud to present its very latest machine - the GA2000 painting robot.
Flexible, precise and reliable, the GA 2000 is the latest in a long line of robots. The culmination of 30 years of experience, it offers several highly innovative features.
Designed to carry out a specific set of tasks, the GA2000 is far more than a standard machine that has been adapted to suit the needs of a department: this sophisticated robot allows flexible, precise, reliable programming of the painting process, thus ensuring the user always gets the expected results of homogeneity, rapidity and waste-free completeness.
Able to be ceiling-mounted without any mechanical or electronic modifications, the machine has been designed to work in perfect harmony with existing turrets, transfer units and conveyors, whatever the painting plant layout: longitudinal, centralised or combined. The many features that ensure user-friendly control and ease of maintenance include 6 hermetically sealed gearmotors with a minimum number of connections, protective casings on all the motors and easy access to all moving parts.
Other key characteristics include the light weight, easily manoeuvred, spring-balanced structure and the pneumatic system on which cylinder and springs can be adjusted to adapt the configuration of the Robot to specific programming requirements; the joint kinematics, reprogrammed for smooth imitation of the complex hand-wrist articulation of humans; the two-stage planetary reversible reducer system, which allows for self-learning on all 6 axes; last but not least, Digital Signal Processor control of the axes ensures linear, fluid movements and precise repeatability.
Moreover, the GA2000 has been designed to be interfaced with peripherals such as the “Visus” vision and “Mass Control” systems and also features multiple programming - in self-learning, point-to-point and off-line modes.
So far the machine has been supplied with up to 6 additional external axes, thus bringing the number of controlled robot axes to 12, a feature that gives outstandingly fluid piece handling.


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