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High pressure casting, the future of sanitaryware

A pioneer in this technology, Sacmi offers effective solutions at every latitude

What future, at global level, for the sanitaryware industry? In considering that question there emerges a picture of an industry that, at every latitude – whatever the aesthetic tastes or the quality of output – requires plants for the production of ever-more complex articles, together with an ever-greater degree of automation. At the same time, the need to reduce costs and labour requirements is pressing.

Can these needs be reconciled? Sacmi believes so and offers a technology-based response, with a considerable focus on high pressure casting. With 3500 resin moulds produced and 900 models developed, Sacmi is the key player in this field, a winning provider of a technology that is mature and ready to meet a vast range of market needs. And that’s not all: at Group level, via subsidiary Gaiotto Automation, Sacmi also provides integrated solutions for the various production process automation phases.

There is a wide variety of solutions. Some are specifically designed to meet the needs of producers who have to deal with high labour costs, others are specifically studied to meet the needs of developing nations characterised by low labour costs, an intermediate level of automation and a growing demand for quality. These innovative solutions have successfully paved the way for widespread use of this technology, with efficiency reaching outstanding levels even with highly complex products. In short, then, high pressure technology continues to gain more and more ground with respect to plaster technology.


Technology News

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