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Intesa’s Colora system: a ‘Mayan’ success

Sacmi Group’s new digital decorator installed at Ceramica Samboro in Guatemala

Intesa’s Colora system has now extended its reach all the way to the home of Maya culture. For some months now an all-new digital decorator designed by the Sacmi Group company specialising in digital printing and glazing has been fully operative at the Ceramica Samboro plant, located in Guatemala on the edge of the Amazon forest in the heart of the Maya world. An investment choice that received strong support from General Manager Manuel Ayau and production manager Federico Zelada, this new system will allow Ceramica Samboro to boost operating margins considerably, especially in the medium to medium-high range.

Equipped with 5 colour bars – and designed ready for expansion to 6 bars – the machine is already running at full capacity, much to the customer’s satisfaction. Among the other machine features included on this Intesa-developed gem, the extreme user-friendliness is particularly appreciated: this is a result of both the design layout (e.g. the feeders system, designed in line with the bars to make cleaning and colour changeover tasks easier) and the advanced control software with touchscreen interface that allows up to 16 square metres of graphics to be managed.

Precision, modularity, cleanliness and simplified maintenance, together with various features designed to minimise downtimes – such as the automatic “head covers” that are put in place in the event of prolonged idleness – have allowed Samboro to make considerable improvements in terms of production quality. Another key advantage lies in the extreme rapidity of product changeover, which allows Samboro to meet the demand for an ever-wider range of models, also in small lots.

Lastly, it should be noted that the machine can operate in all climates and ambient conditions thanks to a system of hi-tech thermostats, and adapts perfectly to the notoriously “difficult” glazing line environment. Colora is, in fact, equipped with an external air intake filtration system that intercepts particles as small as 0.5 micron; moreover, internal pressurisation ensures that all the characteristic dusts and vapours of the glazing line are kept away from the printing heads.


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