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Liberty ceramics: new robotized glazing island

Gaiotto Automation GA2000 plays a starring role on recently inaugurated plant

A sanitaryware glazing robot built by Gaiotto Automation was recently installed at the Liberty Ceramics production plant in Neemrana, in the Indian State of Rajastan. The GA2000 is the first robot of its kind to be installed in India and is the cornerstone of a fully automated glazing station with a 4-position turret.

The modular-type installation was specifically designed by Gaiotto technicians to ensure smooth interfacing with transport and transfer systems in the future. The designers guarantee that it is ideal for the glazing of both Vitreous China and Fire Clay, with the turret – and turntable – being controlled as true supplementary robot axes.

This latest model, the GA2000, is ideal for ceramic glazing and is extremely versatile: extensively tested, it offers reliability, precision and efficiency. Consequently, it ensures outstanding finished product quality, especially, as in this case, where the GA2000 is used in conjunction with a Mass Control system to regulate glaze delivery.

This latest project, then, will equip Liberty – founded in 2005 with the aid of Sacmi Imola’s technical support – with the tools it needs to conquer the Indian sanitaryware market. The use of modern technology and sophisticated instruments will, quite simply, allow Liberty to count on top-notch quality at all times.


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