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MMC: SACMI continues to innovate continuous grinding

A new range of continuous mills with enhanced performance

For more than 20 years SACMI has been synonymous with continuous grinding in the ceramic industry. With nearly 400 mills installed worldwide, our skill and reliability in supplying machines for this crucial stage of production are undisputed.
As part of its ongoing product improvement strategy, SACMI has now launched the new MMC range, which improves productivity and efficiency by up to 15% with respect to traditional continuous mills and so gives savings on both electricity and grinding media.
The machine consists of a series of mechanically interchangeable and individually powered drums that allow the establishment of optimal grinding curves for each individual body.
Ranging in power from 500 to 1200 kW and with effective volumes from 74 to 180 m3, all of these machines feature transmission of the variable-speed belt type.
Each of the MMC drum drives has its own inverter so that the process can be adapted to suit the customer’s raw materials and optimise energy consumption at every stage of grinding. This also gives outstanding production results with products of complex rheology.
MMC mills have been designed and sized to operate entirely with alumina grinding media; the special media and mill linings are the result of SACMI’s long-standing experience in the ceramic materials grinding field.
Separate management of the various stages also allows for the insertion of materials or dissolved additives during the production cycle: this allows all product types to be made, maximises their homogeneity and optimises their characteristics.
Thanks to the modularity of the drums, other great features on the MMC range include outstanding installation flexibility and easy future plant expansion.
Summing up: MMC mills offer cutting-edge body preparation solutions that are perfect for the modern ceramic factory.


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