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MPH 200: an alliance of innovation and tradition

Sacmi presents the first multi-axis press for metallic powder shaping

Barely a year after its takeover of Matrix - a company with thirty years’ experience in the metallic powder pressing industry - Sacmi will present customers and industry operators with a unit from the new press line designed to shape metallic powders.
The result of close collaboration between the two companies and a massive effort in terms of both human resources and invested capital, the MPH 200 combines tried and tested technical solutions based on the long-standing experience of Matrix with highly innovative features developed thanks to the support of Sacmi.

Featuring 10 pressure/position-controlled closed-loop axes governed by a cutting-edge multi-axis control system with high-performance servo-valves and transducers, the MPH 200 allows complex-geometry items to be pressed while ensuring a dimensional precision of 0.025 mm, thus putting it in the top performance bracket for machines currently available on the market.

High precision, the outstanding design of the hydraulic control unit and careful selection of relative components results in extremely high output rates. And high output, always a key feature on any Sacmi product, provides just the right response to the automotive market, which is often characterized by high volumes.
A further key feature is the outstanding reliability of the machine, designed to reduce downtimes and troubleshooting operations; equally important is the new intelligent touch-screen interface with innovative self-learning and self-diagnostic systems.

To characteristics synonymous with high quality standards, Sacmi’s MPH 200 adds technical features that constitute a break with the currently accepted press design approach, such as the patented mobile press table and the concentric-cylinder mould holder. The MPH line, then, ensures a marked reduction of space requirements (no foundation hole needed), quicker installation, quicker mould design and quicker set-up, thus ensuring considerable savings on overall plant consumption and running costs.

Finally, to reduce and optimize process costs further, the press comes with a dedicated automation line developed by Sacmi together with its key partners.
The heart of this system is a rotary multi-station table that allows all the quality control tasks necessary for precision mechanical products (i.e. virtually all the pressed items) to be carried out without slowing output. The system can handle automatic weighing, size checks, rejection, rotation, item cleaning or the implementation of production buffers.

All the data gathered by in-line quality control systems is interfaced with the press control system so that the latter can automatically correct any dimensional or weight drift.
The line is completed by a Cartesian robot that places the pieces on the firing plates and manages stacking/storage of the plates themselves.

The press will be on show at CERAMITEC at Munich from 20th to 23rd October 2009.

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