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Meybod Tile - MKM: from a successful history to a successful future

Long-standing Iranian company to install new high quality single-fire tile production plant

Meybod Tile, founded in the same-named Iranian town in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq war, was the first private firm in Iran to produce single-fire floor tiles using technology that was, back then, at the forefront of innovation.
It was this company, which initially had some fifty members, that kick-started industrial-scale ceramic output in a region that has since become the hub of the Iranian ceramic industry. There is no disputing the fact that the Yazd-Meybod district would not be the splendid, world-renowned reality it is today were it not for the initiative taken by Meybod Tile.

Now, after many years of outstanding success, this Iranian company is preparing for the challenges of the future by focussing on the installation of a plant as advanced as any yet seen in either Iran or the rest of the world. A complete plant, capable of, via the use of red bodies, making the most of current market trends in terms of quality and quantity and giving Meybod Tile, thanks to Sacmi technology, renewed market leadership.

The plant, due to be started up in the opening months of 2013, includes two continuous 41,000-litre mills complete with the most modern grinding control systems, plus an 11,000-litre spray dryer to provide high output rates with maximum flexibility. The obtained red body powder is fed into a battery of three 5,000-ton presses, each with an infeed clearance of 2250 mm, together with the relative EVA983 vertical dryers. Output will also include large tiles, made using latest-generation presses that ensure perfect geometry, outstanding productivity and considerable energy and gas savings. Glazing follows the classic dictates of the market, with the addition of new application systems that allow the company to stay at the forefront of design with glazed surface quality of the very highest order. Further on along the line are two FMS kilns with a 2850 mm inlet clearance, each 110 m long, allowing an annual output of 6 million square metres with minimal waste and maximum firing efficiency. To complete the order there is a cutting-edge, completely automated storage system that makes use of all-new laser-guided vehicles and 3 Nuova Fima sorting units of unparalleled performance that make the product suited to both the internal market and the most demanding export market.

Thanks to this effective partnership with SACMI, Meybod Tile is set to strengthen its market leadership, allowing it to focus on a high-tech future, face the challenges of tomorrow and achieve even greater success.


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