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Nord Ceram – Germany

New porcelain tile plant

The most advanced porcelain tile plant north of the Alps is to be found in Bremerhaven. Norddeutsche Steingut AG, together with its affiliate Nord Ceram, has been working in close collaboration with its main supplier, SACMI, to construct an ultra-modern factory for the low-cost manufacture of 4 million m² of porcelain tiles per year. This innovative factory was built in record time: from the drawing board to production in just 12 months! The key requisite for a plant that produces so much with so few workers is continuous-flow preparation. Raw materials are withdrawn from their containers by way of a PC-controlled weighing system. Following dispersion of the clays, the materials are conveyed to the very heart of the preparation department – SACMI’s super-powerful MTC140 mill (load capacity 140 m³). This features a classifying lining that provides maximum quality and optimum flow rate. The spray drying department, equipped with an ATM 90 spray drier, also includes an automatic tower-cleaning device. The five PH2590 presses, equipped with electronic SPE lifting device and linear filler boxes, provide constant medium-large tile output. SACMI MOLDS & DIES has supplied both traditional dies and SFS upper forming dies. For trims, instead, a CCS atomised powder dry colouring system has been set up downstream from one of the presses: this provides flexible control of a wide range of colours, even with small lots, and allows the user to effect product change-overs quickly. A battery of four 5-level ECP285 units, produced by SACMI FORNI, dries the tiles homogeneously to prepare them for the subsequent stages of the production process. At the heart of the plant are two latest-generation FMP2500 kilns, 120 m long and equipped with the cutting-edge SPR energy saving system. Moreover, the innovative design of FMP kilns not only looks great, but, more importantly, provides practical advantages for both personnel and the environment. Four MASTER lines with relative palletizing stations ensure precise, efficient sorting while the dedicated software installed on the industrial PC provides smooth, simplified control of the whole system.

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