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PCH 1400: the new press for Twinpress

This forming machine is used at the pre-compaction stage on Twinpress lines

The new PCH 1400, specially designed to make partially compacted tiles, is now fully operative. The PCH 1400 is employed on high-output Twinpress lines at the pre-compaction stage (a key phase of this new technology) where a fast, flexible, user-friendly and precise - but not overly powerful – press is needed. Thanks to extensive inter-column clearance, the PCH 1400 allows for a high number of outfeed cavities. Its pressing force makes it the ideal partner for all the latest Power Series presses, from the Ph3800 to the Ph6200. Combining the PCH1400 with Power presses (which also feature wide clearance) allows the creation of Twinpress lines of the highest output capacity.
The PCH 1400 features simple hydraulic and electronic systems that allow total control of all machine cycles. Use of the SPE system – practically standard on Power Series presses – optimises powder filling and ejection of the pre-compacted tile. Electrical wiring features Profibus, the most modern industrial I/O signal management technology. Finally, the ergonomic control interface - the same as that on Power presses - allows for flexible user-friendly programming.
The PCH 1400 is also characterised by innovative design: the press, in fact, is made by mechanically assembling three simple, arch-like structural sections, an architecture that gives optimum on-tile load distribution and full control over any structural warping. Cutting-edge FEM design technology, strict quality control of materials and the absence of any welded parts all ensure you get the reliability for which Sacmi is famous.
Key technical specifications:
Max pressing force 14000 kN
Inter-column clearance  2450 mm
Max load width  2275mm
Effective vertical clearance for dies  600 mm
Mobile beam stroke 160 mm
Effective ejector stroke - SPE  74 mm
Max ejection force - SPE  150 kN
Electrical power, motors  (50Hz) 83 kW
Standard die heating  15 kW
Hydraulic circuit oil content 850 l
Cycle rate 12 cycles/min
Oil cooling water (20°C) 45 l/min
Total press body weight 55000 Kg




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