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Pressure casting is the new gold standard for the global sanitaryare industry

So said Abdallah Massaad, CEO of the Rak Group, in a recent interview with Asian Ceramics. The interview took place against a backdrop of recent Group investment in Sacmi casting and robotized glazing technology.

The installation of high pressure casting solutions is a must for global sanitaryware players. So says Mr. Abdallah Massaad, CEO of Rak Ceramics, the multinational ceramic firm that produces Tiles, Sanitaryware and Tableware.

"Our Group", stated Massaad in a recent interview with prestigious international magazine Asian Ceramics, "continues to grow thanks to technological innovation, an aspect that we see as essential to our every competitive advantage. Rak Ceramics has invested ambitiously in cutting edge technology recently and Sacmi's high pressure casting systems", continues Massaad, "have played a key role in those plans as they allow us to manufacture items of excellent quality and impeccable finish with outstanding productivity”.

Total automation – which, explains the Rak Ceramics CEO, does not necessarily imply the shedding of workers but, rather, retraining and greater emphasis on the value of their work - makes this technology a must for effective competition on world markets. "With high pressure casting technology", explains Massaad, "we can compete on a vast scale, making full use of installed output capacity while keeping product quality at a maximum. Moreover, pressure casting moulds have a longer lifespan than traditional moulds, even up to 10 years". Then, of course, there is their ability to manage more complex designs while limiting the system footprint.

There have been several recent investments in Sacmi technology. The most noteworthy include the high pressure casting systems used to produce WCs. These feature robotized glazing solutions and are ideal for intercepting the latest market trends, such as the growing demand for wall-hung WCs. More generally, observes Massaad, these systems will likely become more and more common on markets that are still tied to traditional manufacturing technology as they provide greater efficiency and versatility when it comes to responding to new market needs.

From this viewpoint, the role played by new consumer habits in the spread of high pressure casting should not be underestimated. Indeed, the bathroom is no longer seen as exclusively functional but, rather, a place of well-being with a strong focus on design, quality and attention to detail, all of which are easier to achieve by using the best technology on the market - a market where Sacmi is the undisputed leader.

Article by Asian Ceramics


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