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Rak Porcelain (Arab Emirates) invests in the new “green” line by Sama

Revolutionary pressure casting technology, bristling with functions aimed at drastically cutting energy consumption, wins over international tableware group, which has chosen the PCM 200 GREEN/D

The new “green” pressure casting machine line by Sama has won over Rak Porcelain. They’ve chosen the new PCM 200 GREEN/D for its manufacturing plant in UAE. An international leader in the manufacture of high-end tableware for the hotel, healthcare and retail industries, Rak Porcelain – part of the Rak Ceramics multinational group – immediately grasped the advantages of this new series. Alongside the acknowledged productivity, quality and flexibility of this revolutionary technology, the PCM 200 GREEN/D offers outstanding energy performance, with benefits ranging from up to 50% lower electricity consumption to the near-elimination of plant cooling water consumption.

The core advantage of the PCM technology developed by the Sacmi Group (the world-leading tableware plant engineering provider) lies in being able to manufacture high-class tableware at productivity and efficiency levels that are particularly high with complex items (oval or irregularly shaped products made in multi-cavity moulds). More specifically, the new PCM 200 GREEN/D – which can run up to 30 cycles/hour with 4 moulds – stands out on account of a design that reduces energy consumption by optimising the hydraulic circuit.

That latter, in fact, has been equipped with an energy-saving accumulator that– depending on production cycles – allows energy savings of up to 50%, while the hydraulic pump start&stop system (which, in practice, only operates as and when needed) reduces both plant consumption and noise levels, thus ensuring a safer, healthier workplace.

Optimisation of energy performance also means, as a direct result of lower electricity consumption, the almost total elimination of any need for cooling water (in the hottest parts of the machine a heat exchanger has been installed for safety purposes) while other design features ensure maximum system efficiency at variable speeds, giving advantages in terms of both output and flexibility.

Lastly, the high degree of automation – a distinctive feature of all PCM series machines – together with advanced control software capable of saving dozens of production ‘recipes’ for different article types, helps workers simplify their tasks and maximise results. Hence, then, this latest order for one of the industry’s pivotal players, strengthening Sama’s role as a global, high-end tableware partner.


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