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Rapid risk-free drying thanks to the “pre-dryer”

New solution for GSI Sanitaryware in Gallese (Vt, Italy) adds to the advantages of the Sacmi AVM series.

Controlled moisture content and temperature, a healthier workplace, energy savings. These, in short, are the advantages of the AVM series made by Sacmi, which now includes an innovative pre-dryer capable of reducing product moisture content in a controlled environment, doing so quickly (just 3 hours on average) and without interfering with the surrounding environment as the process is confined inside small capsules.

It is, in fact, this new type of AVM that has now been ordered by Gsi Sanitari di Gallese (Viterbo) to complement the two machines of the previous series purchased from Sacmi in 2003 and 2007. The latest-generation AVM – successfully installed and started up at the end of 2011 and already set up for a doubling of capacity – is also, in this case, a stick-on rim WC moulding station on which, thanks to the innovative pre-drying stage control system, a whole series of typical drying criticalities (e.g. the Bigot curve) are managed smoothly and successfully.

By keeping all the variables – moisture content and temperature – under careful control in the pre-dryer capsule, it is in fact possible to accelerate the process without encountering the breakage problems that are likely at the initial drying stage when product moisture content is still about 80-85%. The new Sacmi-designed system also provides – in addition to reducing moisture content by 3%/5% rapidly, without risk and uniformly for all pieces – a healthier workplace as there is no longer any need, as on traditional systems, to humidify the air artificially to prevent acceleration of the drying process (which can cause breakage). Lastly, there are energy savings and, more generally, increased production efficiency, as only the product inside the capsule is heated, not the entire environment.

The system chosen by Gsi, which Sacmi supplies to the market as its top-of-the-range integrated moulding station, provides efficient process control throughout the production cycle, from raw materials to firing and finishing. It should also be pointed out that AVM station management is fully automated thanks to a cutting-edge piece handling robot.


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