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Revigres - Portugal

New plant for the production of technical porcelained stoneware

Just a few weeks ago, in Portugal, production began at a new plant belonging to the Revigres Group. This plant manufactures technical porcelained stoneware. The entire plant, including the most important technological machinery, was supplied by SACMI. It includes all the following: Raw material dosing systems. A continuous 140,000-litre MTC140 continuous mill with turbo-dissolvers for the clay. Slip dosing systems with measurement devices for thickened colours. Spray driers, models ATM65 and ATM36. Powder feed and dosing using mobile silo system. Hydraulic presses, models mod. PH4200 and PH3590, with vertical driers mod. 993. Press feed system, with ACD for double-filling products and MDR for whole-body products. Multi-layer roller kiln mod. FMS2230/126 with output of approx. 5.000 m²/day. The initial launch stage will yield an output of 5,000 m²/day of technical porcelained stoneware while final output levels are expected to reach 20,000 m²/day.

Business News

HERO ESPAÑA selects SACMI modular labelling
New modular jar labeller purchased and installed at the Spanish facility of well-known preserve producer Hero Group, a player on the European market since 1886.  >>

Sacmi, first PH8200 Smart installed for the Spanish market
First pressing run completed successfully, thanks also to a direct, remote connection to Sacmi's technicians.  >>

Complete Sacmi glazing line for Ceramica Simas
Already a long-standing Sacmi partner, this Civita Castellana-based firm has now installed a new handling and transport line to serve a GA 2000 robot.  >>

Kerama Marazzi (Russia): a new complete Sacmi Continua+line
The new line, the first of this type to be installed in Russia, produces 8,000 m2 of large-format technical products per day and is integrated with a dry digital decoration (DDD) unit  >>


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