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Riedhammer presents the new generation of indirectly heated DRA rotary kilns

Ideal for firing non-oxide solids, resins and powders in a separated, controlled atmosphere

Riedhammer - a Sacmi Group company and the world-leading designer and producer of industrial kilns for special ceramics - has developed a new generation of indirectly heated rotary kilns, designed to fire in separated and controlled atmospheres, that are based on the proven DRA rotary tube.

With this solution Riedhammer has expanded its range of machines specifically designed to heat-treat non-oxide solids, resins and powders. The DRA range now allows manufacturers to manage the firing process in a separated atmosphere even in multi-stage controlled-atmosphere firing operations. To this end, the various kiln modules have thus been equipped with double gas-tight valves at both the loading and unloading ends of the kiln and between the different firing chambers.

The 3D model of the DRA rotary kiln illustrates the various steps of non-oxide ceramic powder firing, which takes place via a single-stage pyrolysis process and in a controlled separated-atmosphere in the cooling tube.


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