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Robotized gel-coating, Gaiotto completes major project with leading waterpark supplier

Turkish firm Polin Waterparks has turned to Sacmi for the robotized gel-coating of its water slide moulds. This one-of-a-kind project ensures maximum automation and impressive colour variety.

Sacmi-Gaiotto has designed and built Europe's largest robotized gel-coating system. Completed in summer 2017 and operational since October, the system was installed by world-leading Polin Waterparks. Based in Turkey (Kocaeli), this company provides solutions for the global water and leisure park industry.

 At the heart of this Sacmi-Gaiotto system lie 2 GA 2000 ATEX robots – designed for operation in protected-atmosphere booths – which perform gel-coating of the moulds used to make the slides that are supplied to water parks. Unlike other solutions on the market, this system can coat in no less than 14 different colours and is fully automated; moreover, special off-line programming software, developed entirely by Gaiotto, also allows for personalised spraying programmes.

 Once the coat is applied on the "good" side of the mould (of various colours and geometries, created with the aid of templates), the latter is closed and filled with liquid resin. The result is an already-formed, decorated piece, ready to be installed on a specific slide project. Yet Sacmi-Gaiotto's involvement went well beyond these robotized systems: we also provided the spray booths, the conveyor system and the colour change unit, while colour dosage solutions for the project saw us team up with MVP Italia, already a Gaiotto partner on similar projects.

 Previously developed for use in the bathroom furnishing and boat-building sectors, tried and tested Gaiotto technology for the robotized application of bi-component acrylics has now reached a whole new level and, consequently, won over a key player in the international leisure industry. For its part, Polin Waterparks has expressed enormous satisfaction with the results obtained these first few months, highlighting the effectiveness of the close partnership with Sacmi-Gaiotto during the design and testing phase.


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