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SACMI-made plants supply the Kazakhstan market.

A two-million-square-metres-per-year-line for the fledgling Granito Plus company

A yearly porcelain tile output of two million square metres to conquer the emerging markets of Kazakhstan: this, then, is the goal of the new Granito Plus ceramic company, subsidiary of a major Kazakh industrial group. Granito Plus has placed its trust in Sacmi’s experience and skill with the aim of becoming the leading supplier of ceramic in this central Asian country.

Granito Plus aims to achieve that goal by setting up a complete, all-Sacmi production plant that covers every stage of production from grinding to final sorting. Currently being assembled, the new line will become operative at the Taldi Kurgan plant, a few hundred kilometres from the nations’ financial hub and former political capital, Almaty. The Sacmi-supplied machines include a 2850 mm wide kiln, longer than 100 metres, and presses from the Power series (model PH4600) that are especially suitable for the manufacture of very large tiles.

One of the key products, in fact, will be the 600x600 mm tile, while a part of output will be dedicated to outdoor tiling, including products for application on new building facades. The construction market is certainly not one that should be underestimated, as Kazakhstan is currently experiencing a fast-paced building boom: growth rates in 2006 touched 30%! Much of the expansion within this Asian country stems from the influx of hard currency generated by gas and oil exports.

In addition to all this is the boost provided by synergy with other companies in the Kazakh industrial group, which controls the newborn Granito Plus and is highly active in the construction industry. A part of the output from the new line, designed to produce both technical and porcelain tiles, will, in fact, be set aside for its “sister” companies.


Business News

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