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Sacmi: the biggest-ever tile press is ready

With a pressing force of 10,000 tons, this latest machine compacts even the very largest sizes, thus completing the performance range of the Imola series

Market demand for large tiles is on the up and up: and that means production of high-end products of considerable unit cost in which the technological perfection of complete plants and individual machines plays a key role when it comes to meeting demanding quality and output requirements.

Sacmi’s response to that demand is the PH 10000 – the most powerful tile press ever built. With a pressing force of 10,000 tons it can compact even the very largest sizes at very high specific pressures. A part of the innovative Imola series, the PH 10000 completes the upper end of Sacmi’s ceramic press range and maintains all the advantages of a series that has been extensively tried and tested in the field, especially as regards the preloaded structure, which ensures outstanding, long-lasting rigidity and reliability – as hundreds of similar Sacmi machines installed over the last 20 years clearly demonstrate.

The hydraulic control circuit is similar to that on the other presses: plunger movement and pressing stages are regulated by two proportional valves, which ensure maximum pressing precision and repeatability over time without any variation in output. A feature particular to the PH 10000, instead, is its structural modularity: the main components can be shipped separately and the machine subsequently reassembled on site, thus minimising transport costs.

Thanks to a flow multiplier coupled with an accumulator set the PH 10000 has an extremely brief cycle; it is also extremely reliable on account of the pressure multiplier, which contains the zones subject to very high pressure and so increases the reliability of the circuit itself. Controlled – like the other machines in the series – by a powerful electronic ‘brain’ that communicates with the press via a fieldbus, the press is easy to operate from both a control response time viewpoint and in terms of optimal control of all the operative parameters, shown on a user-friendly display that has been designed according to the most advanced ergonomic criteria. The most immediate advantage of this control system is minimisation of cycle downtimes, thus raising press speed and productivity.

Consumption? In keeping with Sacmi's policy of saving energy without compromising on output performance - but rather improving it - consumption levels are reduced to a minimum. More specifically, on the PH 10000 Sacmi’s design engineers have implemented a special cycle with high energy savings and have, at the same time, provided the machine with features that eliminate press consumption during line stops.


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