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Sacmi Automation:

new range of Master/Global sorting lines

The result of continuous product upgrading, the latest Master/Global sorting systems offer all the main features seen on previous Master units: mechanical simplicity, accessibility and user-friendly software. Like their predecessors, they have an overall structure based on modular components that, configured according to customer requirements, allows smooth management of the entire tile production end-process - whatever the tile type.
The new Master/Global line has been redesigned to enhance both aesthetics and ergonomics. Incorporating all of Sacmi’s long-standing experience in the industry, it offers technical solutions that are as effective as they are unique - solutions that ensure outstanding reliability and manageability, qualities that have won customer acclaim the world over. The outcome has been ever-higher sales and ever-more positive market feedback.
Worth a special mention is the stacker (single arm for the MASTER, double for the GLOBAL): this features maintenance-free on-guide movement, driven by a single AC inverter-controlled motor. These simple, oversized components are easily accessible thanks to careful design and the limited above-ground height of the entire line. This important result has been obtained by developing highly advanced software that controls tasks normally executed by mechanical parts - and does so more precisely and more reliably. The outcome is fast, silent running and less, easier maintenance. Workers’ tasks (e.g. size changeover) are also speeded up. The hardware consists of a commercial PLC (Omron) with control being executed by a standard PC with Windows operating system: because the latter is familiar to everyone and can be used easily by anyone, customer approval is immediate.
The new series extends the range of manageable sizes to include 600x1200 mm or even 1000x1400 mm tiles, offers a comprehensive range of packaging systems and is easily integrated with other end-of-line machines.


Technology News

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