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Sacmi and Graniti Fiandre go ahead with the CONTINUA+ challenge on big slabs

The new Continua+ pressing line, the latest evolution of the roller-compaction system for the manufacture of very large tiles, will shortly be assembled in the Castellarano-based Graniti Fiandre plant.

This patented technology is able to produce structured surfaces, by laying resins on the metal pressing belt which are then crosslinked thanks to the action of ultraviolet rays. Thus it is possible to obtain slabs having unlimited sizes and fired product thickness up to 20 mm.

The long-standing and well-established co-operation between these Industrial Groups has produced an innovation that allows Graniti Fiandri to keep its market leadership in big size products.

For his future investments, Mr. Minozzi has made an option for two further lines.


Corporate News

Sacmi presents ‘super steel’ for moulds at the national AIM conference
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Sacmi a partner in the European Z-Bre4K predictive diagnostics project
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Ceramitec, a highly successful Open Day for the Sama research centre
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Sacmi, sales above 1.4 billion euro
Third highly positive year in a row for the Cooperative. In Ceramics alone, the Italian market grew by 23%. President Paolo Mongardi stated: “The key ingredients of our future-oriented recipe are investment, service and governance 4.0”.  >>


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