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Sacmi celebrates three decades of success in the sanitaryware industry

Unrivalled experience in every single stage of production – from formulating bodies and glazes to casting, drying, glazing and firing – and unparalleled high pressure casting technology, ever-more popular thanks to its undisputed productivity and quality advantages

Thirty years of doing business in the sanitaryware industry where innovation and experience go hand in hand. Thirty years in a sector where it is truly the length of time that Sacmi as technology provider has been a competitive force on the market that makes the difference. This, in short, is the hallmark of Sacmi, which will be present at Tecnargilla, the international ceramic and brick industry fair (Rimini, 22nd - 26th September 2014) to exhibit all its very latest developments for the ceramic sanitaryware industry.

Sacmi has chosen to celebrate these three decades of know-how on the eve of this very special Rimini-held event by organising a special Open Day (at Sacmi Imola, 22 September 2014) in which industry operators can visit the Sacmi plant and enjoy a close look at the very latest technological solutions. The agenda includes, in the afternoon, the traditional symposium on the sanitaryware production process, with speakers of international standing illustrating all the latest trends affecting global markets, from sales patterns to technology.

A key opportunity, then, for Sacmi to explain the proposed technical solutions and illustrate the advantages of pressure casting in the manufacture of all ceramic sanitaryware articles; this technology makes Sacmi unique on the global market in terms of both the variety/completeness of the range and the ability to meet all the industry’s output needs at every stage, from development of bodies and glazes to casting, drying, glazing and firing. And the figures prove it: by December 2013 no less than 5,747 Made-in-Sacmi moulds (plus 1586 case moulds) had been sold worldwide for applications using pressure casting technology. What’s more, 383 high pressure casting machines, of which 152 were for 2-part moulds and 231 for multi-part moulds, were also sold.

That success also stems from a forward-thinking diversification strategy, begun in 1997 with the takeover of Niv (sanitaryware casting machines), then German firms Riedhammer (a key international reference point for kilns and special ceramics) and Sama (a major player in the tableware industry and provider of know-how also useful to the sanitaryware sector). The year 2002 saw the takeover of Italian firm Gaiotto, an automation specialist that has, with its glazing and product handling robots, allowed Sacmi to raise its game from a process automation standpoint too, a point clearly demonstrated by the 520 robots currently installed worldwide, not to mention the 170 robots used directly on casting stations. Moreover, 345 Riedhammer solutions (196 tunnel kilns and 149 shuttle kilns) have, so far, been installed worldwide.

This successful strategy has generated multiple synergies within the Group that have, over the years, allowed Sacmi to excel not only as a provider of stand-alone machines, but also – and above all – as a supplier of highly automated, fully integrated production plants that provide an efficient response to even the most complex production requirements. These same reasons form the basis of Sacmi’s capacity to grow not just on emerging markets such as Asia and the Middle East but also to perform positively in Europe in the set-up of major high-automation plants. All this has been achieved despite the persistent stagnation of numerous European economies, a factor that has, if anything, actually intensified the market’s quest for complete, automated, extremely high-performance solutions. All these qualities have, over the years, made Sacmi unique: a consistent, dependable industrial partner capable of bringing customers into the era of “total reliability".


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