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Sacmi presents the innovative MPH series for metallic powders

New MPH press: the result of Matrix tradition and Sacmi re-engineering

On the occasion of World PM 2010, to be held in Florence from 10th to 14th October 2010, SACMI, the Italian industrial group that has been the world’s leading producer of ceramic and packaging plants for over 40 years, will present the innovative series of MPH hydraulic presses. An evolution of the Matrix tradition, these presses have been developed to meet the specific needs of the metal particulate pressing industry.

The MPH SERIES was designed with a keen focus on the repeatability of forming density on the different levels of pressed products and on maximum output rates: these goals have been achieved through the combined closed-loop control of position and force of all hydraulic axes and attentive positioning of transducers; this last aspect was achieved thanks also to the special Matrix-patented die handling system with floating table, which allows compaction of the forming axes, thus reducing bulk and the cost of mould adapters.

MPH presses have up to 12 synchronised axes or more and have been designed to mould complex items. Motors and pumps are ‘generous’ with power and performance yet are also outstanding when it comes to consumption: excellently-graded variable delivery ensures that, for each specific task, power absorption is minimised.

The MPH series is divided into two classes:

- WD class (Wide Duty), from 330 to 2000 kN, designed to provide the widest possible application range and maximise output flexibility.

- HD class (Heavy Duty), over 2000 kN, which allows for a high degree of personalisation and offers the choice of either traditional auxiliary axes control with multi-plate adapter or control with independent upper and lower units.

Both the WD and HD classes are equipped with an integrated mobile die-holder table (floating table, patented).

MPH presses can also be equipped with SACMI’s automation lines, which can easily be personalised and are smoothly integrated in the pressing line.

MPH: a perfect choice, steeped in the SACMI tradition of outstanding mechanics.


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