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The “perfect wave”: Intesa wins over ceramic industry with the new DHD Dimatix

Ten machines sold since the start of the year: new technology confirms all the quality and reliability-related plus-points in the ceramic product digital decoration field

On the market since January 2016, the new DHD 3.0 Dimatix wet digital decorator, produced by Sacmi-Intesa, has proved to be a hit with the national ceramic industry. In just a few months some ten machines have been sold and installed. Some of them were first-time orders while others were repeat purchases by customers who, after putting the first machine into production, immediately decided to order others - a clear sign of their immense satisfaction with the machines’ performance in terms of print quality and manufacturing efficiency.

GoldArt, Fondovalle, Gardenia Orchidea, Marazzi and ABK have all acknowledged and greatly appreciated the advantages of this new printer, which draws on Sacmi-Intesa’s unparalleled experience and know-how in designing and producing machines and plants for the digital decoration of ceramics.

Ultra-high print quality and resolution is ensured by the new control software developed by Sacmi-Intesa’s engineers. This optimises the Dimatix technology and results in the simple, clean, efficient mechanical design of all machine components, ensuring the DHD 3.0 operates under perfectly clean conditions at all times.

No lines or droplets, cleaning times broadly within the market standard plus a software architecture specifically designed to control latest-generation inks and glazes. These, then, are the defining traits of the Sacmi system: “open” by definition, it grants the customer huge freedom of choice with regard to the raw materials fed to the decorator.

Moreover, the DHD 3.0 Dimatix stands out on account of an innovative mechanical concept and specially designed software that ensures perfect piloting of the head as a function of customer-proposed inks and glazes.

Development work done in the company’s labs to create perfect “wave forms” lets the head perform controlled, extremely efficient material application, providing solutions specifically designed to make the most of ceramic product aesthetic potential and the latest design trends.

What makes the difference is – from a production efficiency standpoint - an autonomy that is decidedly better than anything attainable with analogous solutions, as the machine can operate well beyond 4 hours before any automatic head and nozzle cleaning tasks are required.

Thanks to work carried out by the Sacmi-Intesa lab, the customer can also enjoy a total guarantee on compatibility between inks and internal machine components. Sacmi-Intesa also proposes the DHD 3.0 solution (in the DHD 1806 version) integrated on the new Sacmi CONTINUA+ line for the production of large ceramic slabs. Visitors to the Tecnargilla fair in Rimini will have a great opportunity to see it in action from 26 to 30 September. Just the first step, then, for a recently developed technology that is set to win over more and more customers within both the Italian and international ceramic industry.

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