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The PHR1007: ready for the market challenge

Sacmi chooses the Dresden-held Unitecr 2007 to present its latest machine

Cutting-edge materials able to resist ultra-high temperatures. A field - that of refractories – in which technological innovation is a must for the attainment of quality products of consistent geometrics and density that will satisfy an ever-more demanding clientele. This, then, will be the topic of discussion at Unitecr 2007, the international technical conference on refractories being held at the International Congress Center of Dresden, Germany, from 18th to 21st September next.

Organised by the German Refractories Association together with the European Federation of Refractory Producers, the event takes place every two years and aims to contribute to the improvement of industrial know-how with regard to refractories. By 16th August 757 people from over 45 countries had already signed up for the conference, as had 42 exhibitors and 11 specialised publishers.

Sacmi will be delighted to welcome you at stand TF13 with a wealth of information and facts regarding this first showing of the PHR1007: this new 1000 ton press follows in the footsteps of the 2000-ton double-action, mobile-bed PHR2006 presented at the last edition of Tecnargilla. The new PHR1007, which will soon face the challenge of the market, boasts a greater filling depth and represents a technological evolution that has been designed to meet the needs of an ever-more demanding clientele.

The development of this machine is part of Sacmi’s wider project to innovate the press range for the high-thickness formation of ceramic powders, refractories and alumina. These latest-generation Group-developed machines blend careful attention to technical choices – the result of decades of experience matured together with customers – with structural innovations such as a new spheroidal cast iron frame that is matched with a redesigned hydraulic circuit to accelerate the movements of mobile parts and so enhance performance.


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