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The SACMI Group at Tecnargilla 2002

Rimini 1-5 October 2002

At this year’s edition of TECNARGILLA, to be held in Rimini, the SACMI GROUP will be out in force, with all its ceramic brands - SACMI, SACMI MOLDS & DIES, SACMI FORNI, SACMI AUTOMATION, KEMAC, NIV, SACMI FORNI, GAIOTTO, SAMA and KERATECH - displaying a whole variety of new products. For the tile market, for example, the new PH 4800 press will be on show. Belonging to a range of presses specifically designed to provide high output (which already includes the PH 3800 and PH 3020), the PH 4800 is ideal for the manufacture of porcelain tiles. Combining the advantages of both extremely wide clearance and very fast pressing cycles, it also features the latest SPE electronic proportional lifter, now equipped with an updated axes synchronisation board: the latter provides superb precision, speed, and total control of die planarity, thus making the press ideal for very large dies. Moreover, component wear is reduced to a minimum. Speaking of dies, SACMI will also be exhibiting the new Fast Changing Die, a particularly advantageous system for rapid replacement of the parts that determine tile size; another source of keen interest will be the presentation of Trittico, the three-stage system used to construct moulding dies with a wide variety of structured surfaces. To underline its commitment to providing customers with ever-greater production flexibility, SACMI shall also be displaying the latest TDP175 unfired tile cutting machine, the finalised industrial version of the prototype presented at Ceramitec 2000. Tile firing is obviously of extreme importance, hence SACMI’s decision to display the FMP, jewel-in-the-crown of SACMI’s vast kiln range. Two particularly innovative features deserve a mention here: longitudinal blower tubes in the rapid cooling section for an even better controlled tile cooling and a new, specially designed software. The latter allows optimised product thermal treatment even in case of frequent or long-lasting gaps in the kiln tile flow. The Master sorting and palletizing line will also be on show, featuring two automatic packaging systems, smoother, more silent handling, single-arm stacking and configurations for the handling of tiles as large as 90x90 cm – and larger! Also on display will be an innovative pallet handling system featuring innovative automatic vehicles with an inertial odometric navigation system that requires neither reflective surfaces nor floor-installed magnetic networks. Small, fast and ergonomic, these vehicles provide an additional boost to productivity. KEMAC will be exhibiting its latest 3rd firing and trim machines, while visitors interested in the production of Rapid Extruded Grès will be able to take a look at the new Sacmi-developed cutter, which can now be used for shaped trims, especially step-tiles. Also on show will be the new PHR 500, the latest refractory press to be developed by Sacmi: this is particularly suitable for the manufacture of brick and special items such as pipes and nozzles.

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