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Volgogradskij Keramicheskij Zavod Russia expands its high pressure casting department with Sacmi

Two new WC high pressure casting plants successfully tested

Volgogradskij Keramik, in Volgograd (Russia), the first producer to introduce high pressure ceramic sanitaryware casting technology to Russia, has responded to growing market demand by recently starting up two new Sacmi castings systems for high-end WCs, an AVE 040 system and an AVM 150 integrated production centre.

The AVE 040 casting system, which will be used to boost output of currently manufactured models, has been supplied together with a multi-level piece storage conveyor (the pieces are simultaneously de-moulded and deposited on suitable polyurethane supports). The conveyor ensures there is an adequate ‘firming up’ time prior to final finishing of the pieces and their subsequent deposit on drier cars. Piece handling is automatic and lifting is performed by elevators/descenders, allowing vertical storage of pieces and thus reducing floor space requirements.

The second plant is a mono-mould AVM integrated production centre for complex WCs cast in resin moulds; it is served by a transfer unit that de-moulds and deposits the piece at the finishing station. The AVM offers the best solution for complex WCs, which require highly specific finishing operations and flexible production arrangements.
Mould changeover is fast and independent: so once the second casting module is installed it will be possible to change the mould on one machine without stopping production on the other.
This integrated production centre is also suitable for small-scale production runs, a must for meeting the needs of a market that is often fast-changing.

Completing the order is a full set of new moulds; these supplement the originally provided ones, which are still in use more than 10 years after plant start-up. The outstanding duration of the moulds was made possible not only by the resin and the special Sacmi modelling and mould-making technology, but also thanks to timely, skilled maintenance by the technicians of Volgogradskij Keramik. Resin moulds, in fact, work like filters and need regular cleaning. The machine wash cycles are indispensable for proper day-to-day operation but, depending on slip and water characteristics, periodic counter-washing is also required to eliminate any clogging. For this purpose, then, periodic use of the DFS1 liquid specifically produced by Sacmi for this mould counter-washing task helps keep them free from impurities and internal occlusions which, unless removed, would cause gradual deterioration.

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