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News Archive - Packaging - Technology News

Label quality, brand quality
Major order placed by a leading French winery, a provider of fine wines since 1850. By purchasing the new LVS360 system this producer has ensured 100% quality control on both new machines and existing lines.  >>

Sacmi Heroline - Superlight packaging "all-in-one"
Unique design, proprietary technology for every stage of the process, total upstream integration, and an all-in-one solution to handle all blowing, filling, closing, and labelling operations.  >>

Hot filling and CSD in a single solution: Sacmi ECF tastes success in Morocco
Belonging to the latest generation of isobaric electronic fillers, the supplied monobloc can process up to 24,000 cans/hour in the most popular formats, with maximum flexibility, low maintenance and fully guaranteed product integrity  >>

K Labellers by Sacmi
The new series of medium speed modular labellers presented in the UK  >>

Sacmi KUBE – Zero downtimes for wellbeing professionals
A leading US company specialising in the production and marketing of probiotic drinks has purchased a second Sacmi labeller from the modular KUBE range; this machine was selected on account of its flexibility, productivity and a hard-wearing, compact design that maximises efficiency whatever the manufacturing scenario  >>

Sacmi CBF, winning technology for pasteurized products too
Major Chinese company in the DAIRY sector purchases another two CBF systems, taking the total number of installed solutions to 4. Highly innovative process combining high bottle quality with weight reduction proved to be a major plus factor  >>

Sacmi PVS-3: the compact, flexible, high performance preform inspection solution
Presented at the last edition of the international K fair in Düsseldorf, this latest solution is winning over the market thanks to unique versatility and a capacity to ensure total quality control of the preform, directly on the line and at very high speed.  >>

SACMI – Coffee capsules, the new frontier of compression technology
Solutions for compostable, self-protecting capsules are already available, while the future looks decidedly “multilayer”.  >>

Sacmi ALF, the most flexible detergent filling solution in the industry
Already a success in the still water filling, capping and handling sectors, Sacmi technology has proved to be equally effective for the automated filling of all types of detergent  >>

Limitless Digital Printing with SACMI COLORA CAP
Developed by Sacmi-Intesa, this solution has now been chosen by South Africa's most important bottler to grasp fresh development and marketing opportunities in the CSD and dairy sectors  >>

Key global players in the industry choose Sacmi FFS technology for beverage pod segment in Brazil
High productivity, automation and a guaranteed aseptic filling process: Sacmi form-fill-seal technology covers another segment in a market and industry that is strategic to the future of beverage  >>

Sacmi Packaging offers Integrated flexi pack solutions
Complete plant engineering solution to handle these ever-more popular package types that are in growing market demand  >>

Self standing pouches now available in webbed format
Sacmi is taking up the challenge posed by the flexible wine and water packaging sector by offering a new integrated solution for the automated control of self-standing pouches  >>

Inspection systems for preforms, cutting-edge Sacmi technology for the PET world
With the PVS family, Sacmi offers a range of preform quality control solutions that join the CHS systems for caps and the Cube Eye for a 3-D ‘CAT scan’ of the entire cap-bottle system.  >>

New IPS 400: Sacmi holds preview for specialised press and Italian partners
All-new IPS 400 preform press presented to an audience of specialised operators  >>

Sacmi presents CUBE EYE, the 3D eye for X-ray inspection of caps
Precise, fast, non-destructive. A revolutionary lab testing solution to ensure total cap-bottle quality  >>

The coffee world encounters Sacmi technology: invincibility guaranteed!
The results of two successful projects to bring the advantages of compression technology to coffee capsule manufacturing: speed, energy savings and the possibility of producing a completely ‘green’ capsule  >>

Big solutions, small portions
New Minpack 12 packaging machine by Sacmi Filling  >>

Sacmi Research Center: Pepsi certification attained
A prestigious result for the Beverage and Closures&Containers divisions that gives added assurance for customers  >>

SUPER 26/22, the open source for bottlers
Synergy between Sacmi and Sipa offers a response to the needs of the Italian market  >>

The new range of Sacmi filling machines
Expansion, Rationalisation and Innovation form the foundations of Sacmi’s R&D plan for a new range of filling machines for the beverage industry. Excellent results in terms of flexibility, hygiene and performance.  >>

Sacmi ushers in the ‘total inspection’ era
From the all-new CHS for plastic and aluminium cap inspection to the PVS 2B for preform quality control. An integrated, modular, easily personalised range that will, this coming Autumn, see Sacmi play a pivotal role at the industry’s key European trade fairs.  >>

COOL+gives Made-in-Sacmi compression another quality boost!
Able to be installed across the CCM range, this solution reduces cap cooling time and raises productivity by up to 50%.  >>

“Made in Sacmi” injection makes its debut at the Milan-held fair: mission accomplished!
Presented a year ago, the new preform production press, after 10 months of continuous output at Gardaplast, has achieved excellent results.  >>

BENCO PACK and I.S.A. (Integrated Sleeve Applicator)
new fully aseptic packaging line  >>

SACMI conquers the market with CBF technology
All the advantages of compression technology come together on a new container production machine, one that can be used as a “sole technological platform” in a very wide range of businesses.  >>

The presentation of the IPS, a new-concept preform production press
“Made in Sacmi” injection makes its debut at Plast in Milan  >>

New Sacmi stretch blow moulding machines: ideal partners for every bottling line
Double cavity, rapid format change and integrated solutions upstream and downstream the line. These are SBF technology’s strengths, making it today’s most competitive option for the production of PET bottles.  >>

Beer in PET bottles for the Russian market
Sacmi provides yet another production method innovation, based on in-depth analysis of the target market  >>

San Benedetto, Scorzè plant, goes for Sacmi-RFST technology
OPERA 500 45T RFST labeller passes “acceptance test” with flying colours  >>

With Sacmi crown caps become 3D too
Thanks to the CCD 300, embossing at 3000 caps per minute  >>

“PVC-free” liners, Sacmi wins the challenge
For years a forerunner in developing technological solutions to go hand in hand with innovations offered by the chemical industry, Sacmi has developed the new PMA24L that inserts “PVC-free” liners in metal caps.  >>

From Sacmi Closures the new ALARM ANALYZER
Data recording and diagnostics systems  >>

“Perfect” caps thanks to Cavity Recognition
With the Sacmi system production under control and defects intercepted in real time  >>

FFS, Benco Pack more automation for new range
Remarkable the advantages of the electric improvements applied to the Miniasepack/32/20 and to the complete range of machines  >>

CCM 80: high volumes, outstanding quality
Sacmi takes compression technology to the next level  >>

Sacmi and Bonfiglioli Pharma: together for pharmaceuticals
First integrated bottle seal-check/visual inspection system installed  >>

A sip of ‘50s Mexico with Sacmi
Novamex installs the all-new Opera 500 Ad labelling machine with CVS 3000  >>

Preform vision systems: the final frontier
After the PVS1, the Automation and Control Systems Division launches the innovative PVS2 and PVS3  >>

New thread lok
Extraordinary lightness of 0.99 gram only  >>

All-in-one compression and blowing
Interview with Giuseppe Lesce, published on the Polimerica portal  >>

Compression technology: advantages of an innovative PET preform moulding
At K07, Sacmi will present its breakthrough technology: a compression machine to produce PET preforms.  >>

Roll Fed Sleeve Technology and Polyolefin, the future of labelling
The Sacmi labelling response: environmentally-friendly high performance  >>

Dosyflux, the new guaranteed-sterility Benco filler
New aseptic dosing unit will be available on all new machines  >>

Integrated sleeve applicator
Benco Pack’s patent officially approved by european pct office  >>

CVS upgrades under way
Upgrade kits for CVS units provide all the most recent technical innovations and a longer machine life  >>

PVS001L preform inspection unit developed
Sacmi Filling and Sacmi Imola Vision Systems Division join forces  >>

The new Sacmi CCM48S at China Brew&Beverage 2006:
48 moulds, output rates of 1200 caps per minute  >>

Sacmi vision systems: a successful debut in the pharmaceutical sector
Teamwork with Bonfiglioli Engineering produces an innovative seal checker  >>

New TVC131
Band folding and scoring easily  >>

New CCM24L Press
Equipped with a new device to reduce the stain.  >>

CVS2000 lithographic sheet inspection

New patented "SPORT-CAP" closure SC 30 W
obtained with an injection mold  >>

Surveyor 900 keeps on evolving
Latest X-ray machine features presented. Precision container radiography for the design and quality control stages.  >>

Benco Pack: worldwide aseptic solutions
The Imola-based Group keeps on growing. Sterilization now carried out with hydrogen peroxide  >>

Filling: efficiency is the Solo Mas 14/60/15 COMBO
Sacmi’s latest machine offers highly innovative technology, silent running and flexibility  >>

Beverage&Packaging launch the CCM003 at K2004
New plastic caps press presented. High output rates, up to 700 cpm  >>

Roll or sleeve? Opera Roll Fed Sleeve Technology
The new Sacmi Labelling labeller combines the advantages of roll and sleeve technology  >>

Here comes the new TVC031!
Folder & Slitter combined in one single machine  >>

The new Sacmi CCM
The future of the plastic cap.  >>

S 30-25 HN
General features on the cap.  >>

Darex oxygen scavenging technology
to keep freshness, flavour and nutritional value  >>



Healthy Cap: Can Sanitation into the New Millennium.
.  >>

Milk: the SACMI CCM001 compression press produces 38 mm caps for PET milk bottles


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