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A Small Bottle Cap, a Big World

An exclusive interview of Packaging update to Mr. Jinpei Chen, General Manager of Dongguan Jinfu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Q: Hello, Mr. Chen! It is said in the industry that your company is currently one of the largest suppliers of bottled water cap in China. Please introduce the basic conditions of your company in detail.
A: Jinfu Industrial Co., Ltd., formed in 1991, was a small factory manufacturing the parts and accessories of lighter at that time. After several years of efforts, its products had been sold all over the South-east Asia and China. In 1997, because of the Asian financial crisis and fierce market competition, Jinfu shifted from manufacturing of lighter accessories with low technical content to the bottle cap industry and it had introduced the first set of production equipment of bottle cap.
At the end of 2003, it invested in Humen of Dongguan to build a new factory. The new factory investment exceeded 450 million RMB and the total floor area was over 40 mu (26,668 m2) with a factory area of over 35,000 square meters, which currently becomes one of the largest suppliers of bottled water cap in China.
After 20 years of development, Jinfu Company now has 20 production lines of compression molding bottle cap and 35 production lines of injection molding bottle cap. We are specialized in manufacturing water caps used by PET bottled drinking water with total sales volume of water caps over 8 billion in 2013.
Q: Jinfu has been leading the development trends of 30/25 water bottle caps in China and is the representative of the industry with over a half of market share in China. What is the main factor resulting in such a brilliant performance of your company?
A: The main factor is the spirit of independent R&D and technological innovation of Jinfu.
Since Jinfu and C’estbon started a cooperation in 1999, Jinfu had determined the road of technology development to improve the company. It is proved by facts that this persistence is successful.
In 2001, Jinfu engineering department was established and after four years of continuous efforts, in 2005 the first set of 30/25 water caps mold, used for SACMI high speed capping machine, was invented, which made the business of Jinfu obtain rapid development.
Now, the development team of Jinfu has over 30 senior engineers and all technicians of the company have been strictly screened and trained with an average work experience of over 15 years. In addition, they are provided with sophisticated production and processing equipment, so Jinfu can acquire today's achievement.
Q: Since “It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work”, quality products must be guaranteed by excellent production equipment. It is understood that Jinfu has long-term close cooperation with some advanced production equipment manufacturers in Germany. In 2004, your company introduced the capping machine of SACMI. What are the reasons prompting the cooperation between Jinfu and Italian SACMI company? Will the cooperation in the future be strengthened?
A: With a long history, Italian SACMI was one of the first companies to manufacture capping machines in Europe. It is also the leading manufacturer of complete production lines for cap manufacturing in the world, with stable equipment performance, low energy loss, short cycle time, low maintenance cost, flexible control and especially rapid conversion of product colors. These are the most obvious advantages of SACMI equipment and are also the reasons prompting the long-term cooperation between Jinfu and SACMI Company.
Jinfu always takes product quality as the foundation of development of the company, so it adopts SACMI automated test system on the production lines, which is installed on the compression molding and injection molding production lines to provide ideal solutions for inspection of integral bottle caps (inside and outside the cap). The test system continuously performs quality control by sampling with a speed of up to 2500 piece/minute, which provides powerful help for Jinfu’s control of product quality. In the future, the cooperation between Jinfu and SACMI will be continuously expanded under mutual efforts of both parties.
Q: It is said that Mr. Chen pays attention to corporate culture. Can you make a brief introduction?
A: The corporate culture of Jinfu embodies in two aspects: first, personal culture philosophy and self-cultivation of leaders at high levels, which have deep influence on the direction of corporate culture of the company. Second, cultural construction within the system of the company. These two points interact and supplement with each other.
Jinfu has a set of its own enterprise core values, namely integrity, quality, services, collaboration and responsibility. The integrity means that the people of Jinfu would rather deliver customers’ goods on time without counting of costs; quality makes Jinfu deem product quality as the life of the enterprise, so all defective products will be rejected and will not be delivered to customers; services make the people of Jinfu understand that customers’ satisfaction is the fundamental basis of the company existence. Collaboration guides the people of Jinfu to unite people’s hearts to communicate with each other frequently. Responsibility prompts Jinfu to advocate being responsible for clients, employees, enterprise, work and society.
In addition, the culture construction of the company also includes establishing employee clubs (basketball, badminton and fitness etc.) and internal corporate activities such as collective birthday party, which guarantee the implementation and communication of corporate culture. Our company will continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture to upgrade enterprise soft power and make the employees’ abilities be improved in the corporate culture so as to continue corporate culture spirits of Jinfu.
Q: We notice that in 2012, Jinfu was granted the “Award of Best Allied Supplier” by the Coca-Cola Company; in 2013, the C’estbon Company even awarded Jinfu the honorable title of “2012 Best Supplier”. What recognitions and supports of customers have been obtained during the 20 years of development?
A: Users’ acceptance and recognitions are the highest honor of the company and are also the maximum value for its existence.
For the 20 years-development of Jinfu, we have acquired supports and recognitions by many clients, such as C’estbon, Coca-Cola, Ganten, Huashanquan, Fudi, (Danone) Yili, Baobai, Ruizhi, Panasonic etc.
Q: What are the future strategy and development directions of Jinfu?
A: Because of continuous development of business, our company plans to invest in Ningxiang of Hunan province and Suzhou of Jiangsu province to build factories next. The investment and construction in Ningxiang of Hunan have been initiated. The factory will take a floor area of over 30 mu with 10 most advanced production lines in the world. After the new factories are built in the Hunan province and Jiangsu province, the annual production capacity of Jinfu will break 20 billion.
At the same time, Jinfu will continue to provide users with better services and products with creative philosophy and enterprise core values to finally realize our vision: To become the most reliable enterprise in the bottle cap industry!
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