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Flexibility and performance, the keys to Sacmi Packaging success in the fruit and vegetable sector

Following the success of 2015, Sacmi is preparing for the 7th edition of Fruit Attraction (Madrid, 5-7 October 2016).

Flexibility, robustness, efficiency. These are the key advantages of the automatic forming machine range designed and built by Sacmi Packaging – hall 5, 5C09 to meet the production needs of the worldwide fruit and vegetable markets. These, of course, include Spain which, with an annual production of 24 million tons, is, together with Italy, one of Europe’s biggest markets and the absolute leader for certain items such as bananas, citrus fruits and melons.

Following the success of 2015, Sacmi is now getting ready for the seventh edition of Fruit Attraction, a pivotal event for the Iberian market that will be held in Madrid from 5th to 7th October 2016. Expected to attract more people and be more “international” than ever before, this edition will draw at least 55,000 industry professionals from 100 countries and 1200 exhibitors from at least 30 countries.

GD25, Sacmi’s answer to the needs of the Iberian market
Compact and versatile, the Sacmi Packaging former is configured for the assembly of various pack types such as platform trays and boxes with outer corner reinforcement. Reliable and robust, this solution has been made even more versatile in 2016 to meet the production requirements and characteristics of one of Europe’s – and the world’s – biggest markets. The GD 25 is designed to handle a wide range of corrugated cardboard trays at rates of up to 45 pcs/min depending on the format being processed.

TF 40 Imola, customisation and performance
An automatic forming machine of acknowledged flexibility, the TF 40 Imola now features even better software and mechanics to speed up size changeovers and improve performance. The processing cycle is fully PLC-controlled and the machine can save up to 80 different formats. The advantages of this solution include blank extraction from the horizontal magazine by suction cups and guided descent into the hopper via an inverter-controlled forming piston: in short, the ideal configuration for handling a wide product range and machine customisation, all with the Sacmi Packaging guarantee of reliability and performance.

End of line, automation and flexibility
A key Sacmi Packaging strong point is the capacity to combine its broad range of automatic forming machines with automated end-of-line systems and solutions. More specifically, Sacmi provides, together with its range of formers, innovative mechanical stackers, improved and redesigned to keep pace with greater forming machine productivity. These include the new TS43 Imola (available from the end of May 2016), characterised by even more flexible control of the product exiting the forming machine. An innovative pneumatic-mechanical system allows simple, ultra-fast size changeovers via just two handles; moreover, it’s possible to stack a wide range of box types with dimensions up to 600 x 800 mm.

Integrated fruit and vegetable packaging solutions
In addition to complete, automated end-of-line management, Sacmi Packaging also provides forming machines together with the innovative BF13 automatic loader (which can be used in combination with the GD25, TF40 Imola and other solutions in the range such as the TF12 EVO). The result is optimised loading of blanks into the machine, thus boosting line productivity and minimising the need for operator intervention.

Thanks to its extensive product range and continuous machine innovation/improvement, Sacmi Packaging S.p.A. is ever-ready to respond to needs of the fast-changing fruit and vegetable sector. Alongside a comforting recovery of the European market (in Italy production of fruit and vegetables has, after several years of stagnation, returned above 8 million tons a year), Sacmi Packaging S.p.A. has also observed growing internationalisation of the demand for cutting-edge technological solutions that combine maximum flexibility with the highest performance.


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