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From Sacmi Closures the new ALARM ANALYZER

Data recording and diagnostics systems

The Sacmi Maintenance Engineering Dept has developed Alarm Analyzer, a new tool able to dialogue with, acquire and process data and information relative to the machines used on the production line, thus allowing simplification and improvement of the maintenance management system.

The system uses a single computer connected to the machines on the line (e.g. CCM compression press for plastic caps, PMC500 automatic liner for crown caps etc.) and an internet connection for the remote display of machine status.

The main system functions are:

  • Recording of malfunctions generated by machines connected to the software
  • Creation of a maintenance activity database
  • To display alarm trends over time to ensure machines are working properly
  • Alarm and production data analysis and issuing of relative reports
  • To inform maintenance technicians of any malfunctions via mobile phone text messages or e-mail
  • To allow remote (website) data display and analysis via an Internet connection.

Together with this new data collection system Sacmi has also developed an application for scheduled maintenance planning, the Preventive Maintenance Organizer. This provides the following functions:

  • Automatic work order scheduling with advance reminder sent to operator
  • Display and optimisation of planned activities via the workload chart
  • Storage of data concerning completed preventive tasks
  • Customisation of work orders, tasks, materials, resources etc.
  • Link to info sheets and, where available, the e-learning platform

Alarm Analyzer and Preventive Maintenance Organizer allow the automatic achievement and long-term maintenance of high levels of reliability and performance.

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