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Healthy Cap: Can Sanitation into the New Millennium.


Over the last 15 years metal cans - still the world’s favorite beverage container - has been a key player in the marketing and distribution of beverages, despite the hygiene problems linked to this type of container. There now exists a new technology capable of providing the producers of canned beverages with a clear-cut advantage: Healthy Cap. SACMI Imola has today definitively acquired the rights to manufacture and market this Healthy Cap system. This new product is creating much interest because this system can preserve hygiene, which in turn supports bottlers in presenting a product which keeps original, pristine cleanliness even after passing through all stages of the distribution system with its inherent dangers of pollution. People often deplore the contamination on cans caused by external matters: moulds, condensation, etc., threatening consumers’ health by lack of sanitation. Previously, cleanliness has been a tremendous problem. Now SACMI is offering a safe solution which will enable the consumer to drink with confidence and will guard the bottlers against any possible claims concerning sanitation. Specifically, Healthy Cap & Healthy Pack protects cans with a special thermo-forming process which produces a plastic material cover, suitable for food, which – contrary to other so-called “solutions” – fully stick to the can and completely empties trapped air. This avoids any greenhouse effect caused by residual air entrapped between can and the wrap which could otherwise favor bacterial flora. That is, the cover forms a sterile vacuum. The results of lab tests on cans sealed by Healthy Cap clearly show that bacteria is eliminated at the cans’ end-closing stage. So, if the can-end is cleaned (e.g. UV rays) right after closing the can and then is sterilized by Healthy Cap, hygiene remains unchanged during the distribution system: advantage to you, advantage to the consumer. The market has always needed a sure and reliable protection for cans, but this requirement is now urgent as a recognized nationwide problem in Italy, resulting in the Government presenting a bill urging bottlers to print a message on the can’s end inviting consumers to clean before opening. This bill was subsequent to a strong denunciation of the Consumer’s Council to the Health Care authorities. Wiping cans is NOT appealing to consumers. Furthermore, this unenforceable precaution is deemed insufficient. This caused the Italian Senate Health Council to present a proposal demanding the distributors-thus manufacturers- guard cans with a cover protection system within six months of the effective date. This law will shortly come into force in Italy, and at SACMI people are convinced it will influence the health authorities of other nations: first in Europe, then all over the world. The Pepsi Cola company was the first in Italy to perceive the importance of this solution and immediately made use of it, getting a great competitive benefit vs. competitors as well as greatly inc

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