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Limitless Digital Printing with SACMI COLORA CAP

Developed by Sacmi-Intesa, this solution has now been chosen by South Africa's most important bottler to grasp fresh development and marketing opportunities in the CSD and dairy sectors

Twizza, one of South Africa's biggest bottlers, has gone for Sacmi digital printing technology to grasp new opportunities in the CSD and dairy industries – all thanks to the new potential of COLORA CAP, developed by Sacmi-Intesa.

A pivotal player in the design of digital decoration solutions, the company has progressively upgraded COLORA CAP technology: the outcome is that it is now possible to carry out digital printing on white or coloured caps, a future-oriented approach able to make a significant difference in the CSD sector, where such caps are used extensively, and in applications of extreme interest to dairy industry.

With the new COLORA CAP Sacmi has, in fact, combined unlimited colour coverage and ultra-high decoration definition with unique flexibility, super-short size change-over times and increased logistical efficiency. The four work stations – which perform cap conveying, heating and plasma-type surface treatment and crown treatment, digital decoration, drying and quality control – can process up to 600 HDPE and PP caps per minute (28 mm, 360x360 dpi); operation is independent of size and decoration can be extended to up to 70 mm.

Advanced pre-printing cap surface treatment technology ensures perfect adhesion of the inks which are applied via 1000 nozzles arranged in a 2-row configuration, while the capacity to digitally decorate white or coloured caps is provided by special optional kits.

Supplied by Sacmi complete with full international certification (from Agfa Labs to Fabes, plus low migration certification for CMYK inks), the solution used by Twizza features an integrated quality control system for direct, ultra-high speed on-line inspection of the qualitative characteristics of both cap and decoration.

The key advantage of this machine is that it frees up enormous marketing potential by letting the manufacturer print ultra-high resolution images on caps of any size or material and by allowing decoration to be changed with a simple click, directly on the line and without any need for dedicated storage lines. “We were attracted by COLORA CAP's potential", pointed out Ken Clark, founder and current CEO of Twizza, when he explained the reasons behind the investment choice. "More specifically, this new Sacmi machine allows gives us a valuable new communication and product promotion tool”.

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