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Pet Point 2002, Essen, 23-27 April 2002

Hall 5 - Stand A12

An outstanding name: SACMI which had been able, over eighty years of activity, to gain the highest position amongst the manufacturers of machines of the packaging industry and become the world leader in the production of complete lines for manufacturing metal and plastic closures as well as meaning reliability for the packaging industry. Being a market-oriented company, twenty years ago SACMI could heed the market demand that was asking more for plastic caps and replied with a series of machines that can make plastic caps by means of the compression molding technology at a very high speed. Nowadays SACMI can offer the series of the CCM machines (Continuous Compression Molding) which produce caps – but not only caps – from 12 to 64 cavities, thus giving the opportunity to compression mould caps and other objects having a d from 14 to 89 mm and, with the CCM002 reaching up to 1,200 Ø28 mm caps per minute. The most important qualities of the CCM machines are above all the production costs cutting, a better finished product quality, the highest production capacity and, last but not least, the notable versatility, thanks to the quick change-over and the possibility to replace a single cavity while the other tools can work autonomously. Studies and applications have already demonstrated the huge advantages of the compression molding technology which is expressed in a higher number of caps produced at a definitely lower price, with a quicker color change-over, energy savings, less plastics required being performances the same, great repeatability thus you get a finished product definitely more consistent. When you buy a CCM from SACMI, the first and real result you can have is a smaller investment being production the same; furthermore, since the CCM is a compact machine today you can make a plastic cap production unit in less than 20 square meters of floor space. At Pet Point SACMI is going to exhibit the CCM001 version; this is a machine that produces caps having a max. d of 43 mm and can reach a production capacity of 600 caps per minute; today available with the new, more functional, modern and more appealing design. At the fair the machine will be equipped with the vision system placed at the caps out-let channel for the total quality control of the finished product. Of course, SACMI can supply not only the press for molding the one-piece or two-piece plastic cap but also the lining machine for placing the liner inside the cap either by the in-shell or the out-shell technology, the slitting machine, the flaps folding machine as well as the in-line or stand-by vision systems for the quality inspection thus having 100% of the production duly checked See you then at Essen on our booth A12 – Hall 5 where you will meet our sales and technical staff who will be waiting for you to let you have any further information and show you the machine running

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