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SUPER 26/22, the open source for bottlers

Synergy between Sacmi and Sipa offers a response to the needs of the Italian market

A new combination of 26 mm cap and neck for still and sparkling water, capable of providing sound answers to the needs of the Italian market. This, in short, is SUPER 26/22, a solution born out of close synergy between Sacmi and Sipa; industry players had the opportunity to get a close look at this innovative system during a public meeting held last 16th April at Villa Marchetti (Baggiovara, Modena, Italy).
  The starting point: the peculiarities of the Italian still and sparkling water market, where there is a need to provide both segments with efficient solutions and a need to act on existing lines at affordable costs, thus ensuring a rapid return on investment and, more generally, greater flexibility of line usage to cope with changeable output requirements.

In actual fact, this advanced solution features a new technical/design approach to bottle neck, cap and preform configuration that – where adopted – lets bottlers produce still or sparkling water without distinction, using the same cap: thanks to solutions that reduce the weight of both cap and neck, the cost of raw materials can be cut by up to 30-50%. A solution that Sacmi and Sipa – both leading manufacturers of cap and preform-making machines and plants – now place at the disposal of the Italian market with the aim of making it nothing less than the new standard.

The Open Day at Villa Marchetti attracted numerous specialists and was attended by the major Italian bottlers, a sign, points out Vezio Bernardi, General Manager of the Sacmi Imola Beverage Division, “of the Italian market’s extraordinary receptivity to truly useful plant engineering proposals that are capable of providing real added value for technology provider and bottler alike”.

The fact that the meeting was also attended by Arol, an undisputedly skilled cap application solutions provider, offered further evidence of the soundness of the Sacmi-Sipa system also as regards application on existing production lines.

Needless to say, the meeting with the main Italian bottling players also offered a great opportunity to present both respective companies and complete plant engineering solutions for the beverage industry. At the same time, the event also demonstrates Sacmi and Sipa’s ongoing commitment to effective coverage of the domestic market through the provision of highly personalised solutions that combine efficiency, output quality, cost control and environmental-friendliness, the latter being a direct consequence of significant raw material savings.


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