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Sacmi MVS range to get a “worldwide” audience

China, Germany, Panama: three key events from March to May to present industry specialists with our extensive range of decorated metal container inspection machines.

Three events that, together, offer a “worldwide” presentation opportunity for the new range of metal packaging inspection solutions. Solutions that make Sacmi a key partner to the global metal graphics industry which serves the food and beverage sectors. The first, ChinaCan 2016 (the sixth edition), is an international conference dedicated to operators in the canned drinks sector and the main global metal packaging suppliers, and will be held in Shanghai from 16th to 18th March.


This two-day event is entirely devoted to how the industry is evolving. It will feature over 20 technical reports, presented by the world’s biggest technology suppliers. Sacmi itself will present the new MVS (metal vision system) range, which has now been broadened with new vision systems specially designed for in-line inspection of both decorated metal containers (e.g. classic beer and soft drink cans) and their main component parts (e.g. the metal can ends typically used to package foods such as tuna fish, legumes etc. plus lugged caps such as twist-off and Euro-twist, typically used with products such as preserves, pickles etc.).


The range is huge (MVS-E for can ends, MVS-T and MVS-C for the inspection of lugged caps and cans), and now includes the all-new ElioSCan, capable of inspecting up to 2,800 beverage cans per minute, thus complementing standard pack control with a system for total can/jar decoration control, including the ability to "recognize" the specific decoration applied on the current batch to eliminate the risk of incorrect or mixed-up decorations.


The various solutions are characterised by a high-res camera system (a world-beating resolution of 5 megapixels), at the heart of which lies the new Chrometriq illumination device. The distinguishing feature of this innovative illuminator is that it can highlight all potential defects (spots, small scratches, other imperfections) because of the excellent contrast it provides.

The new ElioSCan, instead, is characterized by a new patented illuminator that eliminates the reflections from the can, thus boosting inspection sensitivity on each individual product zone. Images captured by the 4 colour cameras (5 megapixels each) are then processed by the CVS360 software developed entirely by SACMI R&D; this software precisely recreates a 2D image of the 3D container (correcting any deformation or perspective errors caused by the 3 dimensions). Consequently, the ElioSCan practically eliminates any risk of false rejects.

The latest innovative product to be presented is the Eclipsim, specifically designed to inspect lithographed metal sheets on the line.

Characterized by an ultra-high resolution camera and outstanding computing power, the Eclipsim system lets lithographers monitor the production process, accurately highlighting any decoration defects to allow real-time process corrections.


Following ChinaCan, the Sacmi MVS range will be showcased at Euro CanTech, due to be held from 4th to 6th April in Berlin, in the heart of the European food & beverage district. Afterwards, from 18th to 20th May, we’ll be moving on to Panama for LatamCan, the international conference that constitutes the benchmark for Latin American can makers. At all these events there will be a general presentation of everything the Sacmi Group has to offer the beverage and packaging industry, alongside a more focused presentation of decorated metal packaging vision systems; the latter stand out on account of, among other things, the fact they can easily be installed on existing production lines and guarantee the fastest inspection rates the market has to offer.


The variety of the range ensures manufacturers can count on perfect results and manage/monitor the line (also remotely) from any device connected to the company network. Interoperability and user-friendliness are also guaranteed by the CVS3000 software, fully developed by Sacmi and featured throughout the entire container, cap, PET preform and labelled bottle quality control solutions range designed by the Sacmi Automation & Inspection Systems Division.


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