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Sacmi Wine&Spirits plays a starring role on the world’s quality wine stage

The latest Sacmi Group Division, created following the takeover of Italian firm Defranceschi, brings together decades of industry experience and know-how to provide highly successful wine-making solutions. This new Sacmi division will, then, present itself at Vinitech-Sifel in Bordeaux (29 November - 1 December 2016)

A pivotal provider of successful solutions to the wine industry for years, Sacmi has now stepped up a gear to present, at Vinitech-Sifel - the industry’s key event to be held in Bordeaux from 29 November to 1 December 2016 - the new Wine & Spirits Division, established following the takeover of Defranceschi, a long-standing brand in the design and marketing of grape processing solutions and the provision of ‘turnkey’ wineries.

A plant engineering provider to the international beverage sector, Sacmi has years of experience in designing and marketing world-renowned solutions for the wine industry. These range from modular KUBE labellers to BAG-IN-BOX filling solutions, automated/robotised packaging solutions and end-of-line handling solutions. Moreover, our customers include some of the most important and prestigious wineries in Europe. A comprehensive range of excellence that, following the strategic acquisition of Defranceschi, is now all under one roof, that of Sacmi’s new Wine & Spirits Division, which the more than 45,000 professionals expected to attend the fair can get to know first-hand at the "Equipment Cave et Chais" stand.

The first step in a journey that will see the Group play a key role at all the major trade fairs, Vinitech-Sifel offers a great opportunity to present the new, broader Sacmi range for the wine world, starting with skills developed within the various Group companies that have, in recent years, produced solutions widely acclaimed by the markets. These include the modular KUBE labellers, characterized by precision, efficiency and - most importantly - unbeatable flexibility thanks to design features that allow fast size changeovers and perfect continuity of production (thanks to the non-stop reel replacement system), not to mention the user-friendliness and easy maintenance that goes with the modular structure.

Alongside the latter, Sacmi offers complete packaging solutions which, combined with the bottling line, allow complete robot-controlled automation of every single stage of bottle handling, case packing and palletizing. Then there are the Bag-In-Box filling lines: designed to handle both the traditional cardboard box (for sizes from 1.5 to 20 litres) and self-standing pouches, these machines are appreciated all over the world on account of their precision, compactness, efficiency, speed and process hygiene.

The global wine market is characterised by a high propensity to invest in technological innovation (at the last edition of the fair, in 2014, over 80% of operators stated a willingness to invest in plant renewal and modernisation, while global output is set to reach the 250 million hectolitre mark by 2019). This is a market in which Sacmi aims to become an all-round systems and solutions provider, offering everything from quality control in the field to control of every single stage of wine-making and packaging. From this viewpoint, the acquisition of Defranceschi is crucial as it brings the Group a broad technological skills set – and also the benefit of being widely recognized and appreciated on international markets - for grape processing and wine-making, such as presses, stalk removers, autoclaves, storage tanks and other items of oenology equipment. From this viewpoint, the Vinitech-Sifel fair offers a strategic opportunity to show industry professionals everything this latest addition to the Sacmi Group can provide, such as the latest generation of Defranceschi JP series membrane presses. Visitors to the fair will have the chance to see the JP60 model, characterized, like all the machines in the series, by an innovative drive that allows fully ultra-clean process control. It is also maintenance-free.

In addition to developing and marketing their renowned grape presses, Defranceschi has, in recent years, grabbed producers’ attention by offering innovative winery design solutions; these include storage tanks and autoclaves in coloured steel which, thanks to the special oxides with which they’re treated, reflect light differently and enhance the winery not only as a place of production but also as a "status symbol", a place where wine-making tradition and (technological) excellence blend to give the visitor a complete sensory experience. One such innovative ‘designer’ tank, conceived by Engineering Defranceschi, will be exhibited at the international fair in Bordeaux. In future we expect to see further synergies and growing integration between the Defranceschi range and automated Sacmi solutions in every aspect of the process downstream from the bottling line (labelling, integrated quality control solutions, automated handling, packing and palletizing systems): cutting-edge solutions already in operation at leading wineries that are globally renowned symbols of Italian wine-making excellence.

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