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Sacmi invests in the beverage sector

The company integrates filling, labelling and packaging into a single division, and plans investments in new factories

Investment, innovation and strategic repositioning: these are the three pillars of the strategy with which Sacmi is responding to the economic crisis and the contraction in the international markets. The most recent move has involved the drinks business, and has laid the groundwork allowing Sacmi to compete at global level, while continuing to focus on its core manufacturing activities in Italy.
The complex operation consists of two main parts: a financial/corporate aspect, with Sacmi Imola’s acquisition of all the minority shares of Sacmi Filling and Sacmi Labelling; and a manufacturing aspect, entailing investment in machine tools and production facilities. A total of EUR 50 million has been ploughed into the project to integrate the group’s activities of filling, labelling and packaging for the beverage market into a single division at Sacmi Imola.
This strategic move once again demonstrates Sacmi’s great confidence in its homegrown business. In other words, it shows the group’s conviction that manufacturing on site is an advantage, and that focusing on its expertise leads to quality and process efficiency, which Sacmi can translate into a competitive advantage for the client.
Of course, to conclude an operation of this kind required certain conditions, which Sacmi was able to put in place thanks to important industrial strategy decisions made in previous years. First of all, it required Sacmi’s track record in building many complete factories around the world via its various divisions: thanks to its great manufacturing experience in this respect, the group was able to make a serious, consistent drive towards building turnkey plants for the beverage industry. Second, it required a sound financial position – the result of earlier decisions – which enabled Sacmi not only to make such a significant investment, but also to launch a new service, “Sacmi Finance”. This service will support the whole beverage division, and will assist clients in each step of their investment strategy, in the same way as Sacmi has already been doing for more than 50 years in its core business of plants for the ceramics industry.
Continuity and renewal, experience and far-sightedness: the ability to combine these characteristics is a guiding theme of this current period of change. And to back this up, the new division is headed by Ireneo Orlandi, a top-class manager with a solid background, who has been renowned for his management skills in the beverage industry since the 1970s. Giovanni Bevilacqua has been appointed as commercial director of the division, while Gabriele Stocchi will be the technical director and Franco Rastelli the plant director. These managers, who are already well-known to clients in this market segment, will lead a strong, united team, focused on that “entrepreneurial consistency” which has enabled the company to achieve major results in the recent past, and which remains a core value for its strategic decisions.

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