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The new range of Sacmi filling machines

Expansion, Rationalisation and Innovation form the foundations of Sacmi’s R&D plan for a new range of filling machines for the beverage industry. Excellent results in terms of flexibility, hygiene and performance.

The Research & Development plan dedicated to beverage filling technologies was launched in mid-2010. Its purpose was to extend the field of application by using state-of-the-art technology and introducing all the technical improvements needed to make the new machines more hygienic, user friendly and higher-performing.

Just one year after the launch of the plan, the prototype for the first machine (an electronic hot fill version) had already been assembled at the Parma plant and by the end of 2012 the plan was being completed, with excellent results.

Today, Sacmi offers a comprehensive range of new models featuring mechanical (level), electronic-volumetric and electronic (level) technology; they feature isobaric, cold or hot filling, with or without contact, for glass, plastic and cans, for products that are still or sparkling and with or without pulp.

Expansion and Rationalisation

<<Our starting point was the need to extend and rationalise the range. For example, two years ago, our electronic machines covered only certain applications and only with regard to plastic (PET) containers. Today we’ve completed the range with an electronic level-based filling machine for glass containers, a wide-cannula machine for PET containers (particularly recommended for beer filling applications) and have also developed an electronic machine for cans>>, explains Giovanni Nervo, Managing Director of Sacmi Filling.

<<We’ve designed all the machines as a single family, developing them according to the same construction logic and using the same component modules; more importantly, they offer the most innovative technology currently available on the market. The advantages of modularity are also clear to the customer: for example, the same machine can level-fill glass bottles and volume-fill PET bottles. We’re the only firm in the world able to provide such a degree of user-friendly flexibility, on both product and container>>.

The advantages of innovation

We’ve developed a state-of-the-art machine family with evident advantages in terms of hygiene, simplicity, maintenance and performance.

a)     Hygiene

To make it as easy as possible to wash the rotating machine turret the product is distributed via hoses. The only tank in the system is floor mounted, outside the turret, and has the function of receiving the product from the feed system. This tank is washed with a spray ball, thus minimising the consumption of chemical wash products; this same machine architecture also minimises product loss at the start and end of production.

The structural parts of the machine have been designed to prevent any stagnation of liquids; for example, upper surfaces of the bases are slanted. Guards are floor mounted and made of safety glass and stainless steel. All components (delivery and return manifolds) can be fully opened and inspected.

The Sacmi filler range is also suitable whatever the operating “environment”: open machine, closed machine with introduction of filtered air, machine with insulator.

b)     Simplicity

Utilisation of today’s faster field buses has allowed elimination of filling valve control on the rotary part of the machine, thus simplifying troubleshooting and maintenance.

c)      Ease of maintenance

Again with regard to maintenance, the product distributor features a mechanical seal, thus eliminating the wear associated with flexible seals; all remaining parts are greased for life except for the centre bearing and capping unit. The filling valve can be removed from the turret in less than 30 seconds; moreover, there are no custom components nor is there an electrical panel to control filling on the rotary section.

d)     Performance

The improvements introduced with this new project have allowed a reduction in both format and product changeover times, with relative maximisation of effective machine output times.


The new range features models that range from 20 valves for large formats to 216 valves for small formats.

To date we have already sold 10 machines from the new E (electronic) range, of which 7 have already been installed and started up successfully.

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