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Third PET World Congress to be held in Munich

Sacmi to play leading role with the latest innovations in compression technology

Appointment in Munich, from September 14 to 19, for the world PET industry.  An absolute must-attend for anyone involved in the market interested in gaining insights on the latest trends, innovations and cutting-edge technologies offered by the leaders in the PET industry.  Amongst them, Sacmi Imola, which through its Beverage Division, has become a market leader in the manufacture of complete bottling lines. 

Sacmi will discuss: “Preform compression molding and stretch blow molding: a flexible and energy saving way from pellet to bottle” at the PET World Congress.
Behind the Sacmi study, which will be presented by Marco Savorani, lie two avant-garde solutions for PET pre-form production, i.e. the new PAM and SBF. PAM, acronym for Preform Advanced Moulding, is capable of producing PET pre-forms using compression technology at a maximum productivity rate of  27,000 pieces/hour.  On the other hand, the SBF solution (Stretch Blow Forming), for stretch-blowing of PET bottles, employs a double-cavity mould and is able to produce, with fast size change-over, two 0.5 liter bottles or one 1.5 or 2 liter bottles. The electromechanically controlled stretching rod allows the stretch speed to be adapted to the type of bottle at any time, regardless of the machine speed. The latter is designed to be placed upstream with the PAM and downstream with the bottling lines.

The PAM+SBF integrated line will in any case offer excellent flexibility as both machines can produce and be supplied independently.
The new lines developed by Sacmi for producing PET pre-forms employing compression technology offer several advantages: continuous discharge of directed preforms in fact permits in-line quality checking and blowing thereby significantly reducing energy consumption. In addition, a PET bottle produced by the PAM+SBF combined line allows for weight reduction compared to a preform produced with injection molding – with the same performance – thanks to more even material distribution. Lastly, as the system does not have a gate, it is possible to stretch the bottom area of the bottle with a preform produced with compression technology.
Compression technology, most likely in conjunction with a blowing line, will without a doubt gain rapid and widespread growth on the market, offering companies advantages in terms of competitiveness and productivity.

In addition, Sacmi will draw up a report concerning the latest trends and most recent developments in the beverage cap industry.  Compression technology for caps, which Sacmi started developing about 15 years ago, is winning widespread acclaim on the market. The topic “Caps and closures: latest developments”, to be presented by Luca Nanetti, will first of all focus on the technological advantages offered by compression technology and then illustrate some of the latest developments in the field of product design the business unit of Imola has recently achieved.  Special attention will be paid to giving the visitor objective tools to accurately compare the two technologies used in the plastic cap industry, i.e. compression and injection molding. The second half of the presentation will illustrate some of the most important technological advances achieved by Sacmi to satisfy the latest trends of the beverage market during an important time of changes in specifications for the finishes of bottles for flat and carbonated products. 
In both cases, the presentations given by Sacmi provide important insights regarding developments backed up by equally important investments that underline how the Sacmi Group is endeavouring to reinforce and consolidate its undisputed leadership in this industry.

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