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New packaging injection moulding machines OiMA “Stratos KP”

Will be in show on next K’07 Exhibition in Düsseldorf, in SACMI Booth 15A05.

Oima, the Italian company specialized in the production of high performing packaging injection machines, will finally show on K’07 Exhibition the new STRATOS KP Series.

The new machine range is the result of an intense development process. The new machines give proper answer to the packaging market’s requirements, thanks to its high performances, versatility, excellent control in injection moulding process, cleanness of mould area. Further advantages come from the reduced size of the oil tank and the lower electric energy consumption, both granting savings in production costs.

Here listed are some of the technological features proposed by the new STRATOS KP Series:

  • a completely redesigned hydraulic plant, with all machine movements powered by hydraulic accumulators, and closed-loop controlled in speed and pressure through dedicated servovalves; 
  • new compact and ergonomic design of OiMA "Twin" injection unit, with two balanced axial injection cylinders and maximum specific pressure on melt of up to 2.100 Kg/cm2;
  • new screw profiles of OiMA proprietary design, with 25 L/D ratio, developed for best plastification performance;
  • "High Torque" electric drive system, directly coupled to the plasticizing screw, granting a high flat torque and the best plasticizing result for the most common plastic materials;
  • ceramic heating bands with thermal insulation on the plasticizing barrel;
  • recirculating ball slide guides, for support and sliding movements of injection unit; 
  • the new machine control ECO NT III, with pages for free programming of machine cycle.

Two IMM’s will be in show in Hall 15 / booth A05-2, as part of “turn key” production systems, taking advantage of the above technical features.

  • One Stratos 2220.300 KP as part of an IML production system for ice cream box and lid;
  • One Stratos 1370.220 KP, as part of a caps production system featuring a multicavity mould (SACMI manufacture), for production of SACMI patented one-piece Sport Cap LA SC 30 W.

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