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Imola Red Cross, patient transport now faster and safer thanks to Sacmi's donation

The special motorized stairway crawler donated by the Cooperative will make it easier for health workers to transport over 2,900 elderly people with motor difficulties/disabilities currently living in Imola in homes without lifts.

Over 50,000 km every year , at least 2,900 people transported. A new mobility aid – a special motorized stairway crawler seat donated by Sacmi to the Imola Red Cross – will now provide health workers with much easier access to the numerous buildings in Imola that do not have a lift. These are home to a high percentage of  elderly persons who often have motor difficulties/disabilities.

In making this donation Sacmi has, again in 2017, continued its support of the local and international community, helping to ensure everyone has the best possible access to training, healthcare, food and mobility. Installed on an ambulance that provides a daily medical taxi service , the special Extra Ergolift chair - the motorized version of the Extra stairway crawler chair - came into service just a few days ago. The new machine retains the same structural characteristics (light frame, telescopic-grip levers and handles, padded armrests and front footrests) and, most importantly, has long, high-grip tracks that provide secure four-wheel support on steps.

"Thanks to this aid", explains Fabrizia Fiumi, President of the Imola Red Cross Imola, "we can get patients up and down quickly and safely even on the narrowest, steepest stairs. This means less effort on the part of carers and, above all, maximum comfort for patients”. The motorized transport configuration has a load capacity of up to 200 kg (230 in the manual configuration) and the seat can also be used in adverse weather conditions. "We have to acknowledge", continues Fabrizia Fiumi, "the new needs of a community where progressive ageing of the population is accompanied by an increase in demand for care, especially at home. We wish to extend our thanks to Sacmi as their support allows us to perform more efficiently and safely, in the interests of the health and dignity of our patients".

"Sacmi's donation", observes the President of Sacmi Imola, Paolo Mongardi, "is part of a broader policy that sees Sacmi supporting people’s rights to healthcare every day, not just in our home town but wherever social conditions fail to provide even basic access to healthcare, education and food. Such actions see Sacmi committed to projects not just in developing countries but also locally, where there is a worrying increase in the number of elderly, lonely people in need of home care. These people need guaranteed access not only to treatment but also to the dignity that is so often lacking when they become vulnerable".

Hence the decision to support, in recent years,Imola's local health authority by donating valuable oncological diagnosis equipment. Sacmi also supports the local “No waste” initiative: this involves the ongoing collection of hot food from the Camst-run company canteen and its subsequent distribution to those in need.


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