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Sacmi Careers, the new job opportunities website, is now on-line

University dissertation projects, study grants, work experience and doctorates. Not to mention all the current vacancies, plus interviews with those who've already achieved success with Sacmi. Visit and build your future with Sacmi.

Sacmi sees people, ideas and skills as strategically crucial to its development and competitiveness on international markets. That's why we're constantly on the lookout for new talent, people ready to play a leading role in all its business sectors.

As of today, Sacmi's new job opportunities website, is on-line. It publishes all current vacancies and provides a wealth of info on opportunities for students and graduates (work experience, study grants, in-Sacmi dissertation projects and apprenticeships).

When it comes to creating shared value for people and the community, Sacmi leads the way: we have over 40 partnerships with key universities and research facilities, both in Italy and abroad. The website lists individual topics of interest for graduates aiming to complete a higher degree dissertation.

There's also an 'events' sections and an area where Sacmi personnel and high school/university graduates illustrate their own experiences in the company and how they've succeeded in making their ambitions come true.

Visit the Sacmi Careers website and build your future with Sacmi!


Corporate News

New SACMI CCMM multilayer wins the 2018 FBE Award
The prestigious award from Asia Food Journal goes to a solution that offers a new, innovative application of compression technology in the single-serve capsule manufacturing sector  >>

SACMI, a 'CAM tooled’ future for the sanitaryware industry
From total automation of casting to new frontiers in case mould and mould development, the 12th Sanitaryware Technological Trends Meeting - attended by over 100 selected customers visiting the SACMI Imola plant - spanned a range of topics.  >>

24-hour ASSISTANCE, the new SACMI service for Continua+lines
Initiative by the SACMI Customer Service Division to provide customers on the strategic Italian market with even closer support  >>

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, tradition and innovation with a face to the future
The newly introduced Division, representing a new organisational model, is to promote and market the historical brands of the individual Group companies which have made history in the Italian chocolate and packaging industry.  >>


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