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Automatic Buffer

CPB LINK - Automatic buffer for caps and preforms

Sacmi Caps and Preform Buffer is the automatic storage system for caps and preforms that creates the final connection between caps&preform production and blowing/filling.
The result is the first real production line for beverage. From pellet to pallet.
The nature of caps and preform production processes does not allow for the maximum integration characterised by line production and synchronised with bottling. Caps and preforms involve thermal plastification processes that are difficult to interrupt with microstops and repeated stops without triggering high polymer waste.
The bottling lines, in contrast, are marked by frequent stops for format changes, by production organised in shifts, which depending on the season, vary from one to three and by downtime over the weekend. For these reasons, a storage buffer is required between the bottling line and the caps and/or preform production equipment that can accumulate preforms during the line downtime (weekly management), but also during low-season periods pending higher consumption (seasonal management).



SACMI CPB LINK is the first automated warehouse for caps and preforms that does not use octabins or plastic boxes thereby eliminating the need for operator involvement in their handling. It takes advantage of the vertical dimension of spaces and allows for better management of production flows by putting all processes on the line and providing FIFO management and the ability to trace production batches.

SACMI CPB LINK entails the controlled storage of caps and preforms as a result of keeping their internal volumes in a continual state of overpressure. Overpressure keeps dust, bacteria and flying insects outside. The continual exchange of air internally eliminates humidity build-up, and
air conditioning (temperature and humidity) makes it possible to avoid reaching temperatures with greater bacteria proliferation. SACMI CPB LINK was designed internally to avoid generating dust during the handling of load units (crates), and all materials are suitable for "food contact." It is equipped with crate units that have been specially constructed to be washed and sanitised automatically using a special washing unit, thereby eliminating possible cross contamination.
Thanks to SACMI CPB LINK, the levels of contamination in caps and preforms that arrive at the bottling line are considered to be consistent and controlled.
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