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Thanks to the continuous research and development of Sacmi Forni R&D laboratory, it was possible to reach an annual production quantity equal to around 23,000 burners with the related combustion systems, specially designed to optimize the regulation and the consumptions. 

The types of burners range from lateral, to the groups installed on the kiln ceiling (top burners), up to the direct hot air burners generators.

The last born it is a self-recuperative burner. 

The self-recuperative burner is structured in such a way that the combustion fumes and air meet each other in countercurrent (without mixing), so that the air can withdraw heat from fumes, before their expulsion. The combustion air is pre-heated before mixing with fuel, reaching temperatures up to 800°C, with benefits from the energy saving point of view. 

The planning and development of the new burners, in addition to the industrialization of the already existing products, it is realized through CAD 3D software, supported by the use of modern software tools for CFD simulation.

 PL8 HCM Burner ECO Side burners Burner RPR/RFI with or without flame control

PL8 HCM Burner

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ECO Side burners

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Burner RPR/RFI with or without flame control

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