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Multi-mould high pressure casting plant for open rim WCs with mould in 3, 4 or 5 parts


The casting plant AVB is designed for the production of WCs with open waterrim, that can be cast with moulds of 4 or 5 parts, or bidets which can be produced with moulds of 4 or 5 parts. It is possible to install also moulds of 3 parts for the production of wall-hung WCs.
The AVB permits higher productivity at reduced costs compared to the other machines of the range SACMI for the production of WCs like AVE and AVM.
The machine is produced with the same structure as the one used for the ALS casting  machine for articles of  2 parts; as a result, when effecting the appropriate modifications, the new ALS machines can be converted into AVB machines to produce WCs and vice versa.
The AVB casting plant is equipped with all the typical characteristics of the Sacmi machines: such as proportional hydraulic system, max. casting pressure of 15 bar, possibility to apply vacuum onto the moulds. Furthermore, it is possible the change the moulds without disassembly of the mould frames.
The number of moulds can vary due to the chosen plant configuration and the required productivity.
Even the length of the machine can be chosen due to the maximum number of moulds the user intends to install.
In case of floor-mounted WCs, closing of the lateral mould parts is guaranteed by the force applied from the hydraulic cylinder, whereas the closing force of the bottom and top mould parts is applied through hoses (similar to the Sacmi patented ISOBOX system) which transfer the pressure onto the containment frames of the lateral mould parts.

 Demoulding can be effected:
-  manual servo-mechanized demoulding by an hydraulic manipulator;
-  automatic demoulding by installation of a fixed or eccentric base robot.
 Demoulding by means of a hydraulic manipulator  Robotized demoulding


 Demoulding of floor-mounted WCs  Demoulding of wall-hung WCs

Technical data

Max. number of moulds

Max. mould in 4 parts dimensions LxHxD (mm x mm x mm) 1000 x 680 x 740
Approximate cycle time 15 - 30 min
Max. clamping force horizontal and vertical 1200, 500 kN
Max. casting pressure 15 bar

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