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SACMI EKO KILN: On the way to excellence


EKO has achieved the lowest ever level of consumption: 380 Kcal/kg

A provider who knows ho to achieve 380 kcal/kg also knows how to cut consumption.

Sacmi is therefore the most qualified partner for minimising plant consumption.

When it comes to consultancy and global partnerships, this "record" provides a guarantee of excellence.
  The EKO advantages boost market competitiveness.


EKO reduces fume volumes by up to 20% compared to traditional kilns.

The advantages don't just concern the environment, they also keep running costs contained.


EKO cuts consumption during production gaps by up to 25%.

The reduced consumption guaranteed by Sacmi during production gaps is a strategic strongpoint that ensures excellent size changeover flexibility.


EKO reduces temperature variations across the firing cross-section to +/- 2°C.

Highly precise material efficiency ensures quality and minimises waste.

Sacmi's quality and efficiency are guaranteed by:

  • A global network of companies
  • 96 years of experience in the industry
  • The ability to provide complete plants

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