SACMI plans a “Spanish route” towards ceramics 4.0

SACMI plans a “Spanish route” towards ceramics 4.0

"Guide to 4.0", edited by ASEBEC, presented at the international Qualicer conference. 11th also February saw a round table with the main international players, with SACMI receiving an award as long-standing official event sponsor.

The international Qualicer conference has now turned thirty and has, over its three decades, become the world's leading event on tile technology, trends and perspectives. SACMI has been the event's sponsor since its inception in 1990. So it's hardly surprising that the company gave a talk on the afternoon of the second day, 11th February, alongside the presentation of the "Guide to 4.0" published by ASEBEC, the Spanish association of technology providers to the industry.
Modular, scalable, personalised. Three key words that, SACMI believes, can facilitate the diffusion of 4.0 on a relatively "new" market like Spain, a market characterised by the absence of state incentives for investment in new enabling technologies (which made quite a difference on the Italian market) and the objectively difficult implementation of 4.0 practices on existing plants.
That's why, as Alessandro Cocquio, TAC Technical Manager of SACMI, stated in his speech, tackling the matter effectively will first require accurate analysis of customer needs, plus progressive standardization of digital languages to aid, above all, machine interconnection and interoperability.
As the world's leading supplier to the ceramic industry, SACMI benefits from unique insight. Moreover, for some years now, the company has been supplying the market with a specific software architecture (HERE, Human Expertise for Reactive Engineering) for digital control of the production process. Quality, sustainability and efficiency are just some of the results that can now be certified and exported by taking advantage of the "widespread 4.0 culture" that permeates the Italian market.
Combining advanced on-machine sensors with the required software architecture, the assignment of unique bar codes to individual products and key data from the entire production process - pressure, temperature, quality, etc. - actually makes the tile a source of predictive information that can make production more efficient, from raw material to warehouse. With the advantages of new machine learning systems, creating new know-how about each stage of the process couldn't be simpler.
Playing a major role at the round table - in which raw material suppliers also played a prominent part - SACMI was, lastly, presented with an award to mark 30 years' continuous sponsorship of Qualicer. The award was received by Mirco Berengari, manager of SACMI Iberica, which is pivotal to SACMI Global Network operations on the Spanish market.

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