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Message from the President, Paolo Mongardi

Dear partner, customer, supplier.
The COVID-19 health emergency is forcing governments worldwide to make difficult decisions in order to limit the spread of contagion and protect the health of everyone, especially the most vulnerable.
SACMI's assistance and spare parts services remain operational.
At this difficult time, SACMI continues to support its customers by all means possible. More specifically, thanks to its Global Network and unwavering commitment from our personnel, SACMI guarantees that orders will continue to be processed and that sales and spare parts services will be provided. We encourage our partners to make use, whatever their needs, of our on-line platforms.
COVID-19 is a global health emergency with still-unforeseeable consequences. Aware of the huge effort being made by institutions and health authorities to save lives, our thanks go, first and foremost, to the world's front-line health workers.
From the earliest stages of the crisis, SACMI has adopted every precaution to ensure business continues to be done safely, protecting the health of our workers, partners, consultants and suppliers. Whilst this moment is a testing one, every member of personnel is working hard to ensure customers can count on normal management of sales, administration, logistics and assistance.
Even where individual countries’ national health authorities have imposed restrictions on travel and manufacturing, the SACMI network remains at your complete disposal to ensure assistance services are provided. More specifically, SACMI has strengthened its tele-assistance services, thus ensuring we're able to take action even where public health directives make it impossible for our technicians to come to the customer's premises.
SACMI operates in over 30 countries worldwide and has over 80 manufacturing, distribution and service companies. Every single Group branch is at your disposal to ensure you receive all the support possible.
SACMI has a 100-year history behind it. In the midst of today's uncertainties and challenges, we must never forget that we're working for the generations that will follow us, for the future of our communities and our countries.
So let us move forwards. Together.

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